The First Song Of "Nirvana" That Was Played On The Radio Airwaves Which Is One Of My Favorites



Not many people knows about this song from the Seattle band that reigned the airwaves in early 90's until the rock and roll scene got swept under the rug following the untimely passing of Kurt Cobain, the singer behind the hit number 1 song "Smells Like Teen Spirit" in 1991 from the album "Nevermind".

This song "Love Buzz" was and still one of my favorite songs from their album "Bleach" up until now. My brother was the one who made me took-up the interest of listening to these songs especially from Nirvana's songs in all their albums. I am just captivated with the catchy poppy type of songs that they deliver where you can sing along and jive with the cadence of the beat of the drums and the heavy strumming of the electric guitar.

I never get tired of listening to this track along with others because of the rather simplicity of the sounds, just a guitar and drums, the nonsensical lyrics, and ultimately the sound of the raspy voice of Kurt Cobain and his shrieks and shouts that truly make the listener let out some steem from their minds. So for me it is just a feel-good song that I will never get tied from listening because I am a fan of Kurt Cobain.


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