Wind of Change - Cover - Davood Faramarzi (@DavidFar)

3년 전

Hi my friends,

Today I was searching my Hard disk and I found this old video (my cover of Wind of change), so I started editing it and adding Lyrics on it, and also I added a Cello line to the background, and some Reverb on the whole track, this video recorded with my Canon Camera and I didn't used my mic, I hope you guys Enjoy!

Peace & Love!!

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This was FANTASTIC. I love it, and I've always loved this song! 😃


Thank you so much Phoenixwren :))) <3 thank you so much!

Great guitar skill with smooth flow of your singing into the music even you indicated was an old video. I am just another regular supporter of your work with my little upvotes! Cheers and may more great work come!


Thanks brother :) its your kindness <3

Great cover Davood, nice to put a face to the posts .


Thank you so much Deon :)

Nice play dude,,, # 😎
How about "Always Somewhere" Cover, or "Holiday"? i love that songs


Thank you so much, great songs :))

Really like this, the guitar is even and controlled beautifully. The recording sound quality is exceptional using the camera mic. My Canon camera mic always sounds like a tin can. Great music.


Thank you so much Man :))

I‘m absolutely in love with this!
It would mean a lot to me if you go an see my latest cover and tell me your opinion!
All the best!/v/ikooyo/mc0fmcfh


Thank you so much, it was great! :)

  ·  3년 전

No matter the version that you use to interpret it. This song is perfect and I will never tire of it!


Thank you so much :))

Congratulation davidfar! Your post has appeared on the hot page after 31min with 15 votes.


Thank you for listening :)

change of world change of wind