This is Stolen Soul - a new music video from Morktra which we made it!


Hello guys, I hope everyone is well!
This song called Stolen Soul and is one of Morktra @lk666 Original songs. we (me and my good friends) also did a collaboration for it which I @davidfar did its Guitar Bass line and Mix and Mastering and @thomasrobertgent performed its Drums, and @lk666 or Frank Morktra recorded its vocals and Guitars perfectly. so after a long time we decided to make it a music video and this is how it happens.
it takes some times till we gather ideas and started to working on this, I tried to direct it from far as I am in Iran and Frank is in USA and Tom is in Australia, it was a real great collab which we did though we had some limits as we were not in one place but I think we get it together well and when I finished the editing of the video, the final version become really well. though I would like to know your opinions about it, so don't wait and leave a comment below :D it makes us happy!

Here is some photos from the video:

Morktra - Stolen Soul.jpg

Tom Gents Stolen Soul Morktra.png

Stolen Soul Morktra.jpg

Morktra - Stolen Soul 2.jpg

watch this music video and don't forget to share it on your social media pages if you liked it!

Thanks for watching and listening
<3 peace!

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💥 great job Dave! You are definitely a very talented individual


Thank you so much brother

  ·  작년

Bravo to you my good friend <3
You did a fantastic job on this video as did Tom and I thank you.


Thanks again bro <3 :D


Thank you so much :)

  ·  작년

My pleasure.. well deserved! ;)