Perfect Time - Hit Pop Rock, Love Song by Daydreams4rock

3년 전

**Hello my fellow Steemians, a new friend asked me to share one of my songs, so i am putting up the first love song that i wrote. It was for my then girlfriend who you can see in the video, she is now my wife, so it was well worthwhile writing the love song for her.

PERFECT TIME by Daydreams4rock - you can hear and see it here for free -on this Youtube link.**

Thanks to everyone who supports music and original songwriting on Steemit.

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Good song. I'm waiting for more :)


Thanks for listening and i appreciate your support - i am following you now - make sure you visit every week, i usually put a song around every week or so .

Beautiful love song, had to share it with someone haha

I like this music thanks for sharing this post.. carry one. Like


thanks very much - i follow u now and appreciate your listening to my song - good on you -David

I enjoyed the music,thanks for sharing.


thanks Beauty -- it means a to me that you like my song -- i follow u now -rock on -D

Beautiful love song, had to share it with someone haha


very pleased you like it and shared it -- i have it on itunes if you want to spend a dollar and i am following you now too - all the best-David

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