Perfect Time - pop/rock love song by singer songwriter

6개월 전

I wrote this song in 2011 and released on iTunes and amazon with a video on youtube - the song was very successful for my first release and got over 12000 views with 10000 of those in 8 weeks.

It's funny the music part came first and took around 20 minutes it was so meant to be. Then I knucked down and thought about writing it as a love song for my then girlfriend, and amazingly the lyrics only took around 20 minutes too, it was the song I was always meant to write.

I got comments Brittany, Rihanna and Katy Perry before she was famous, the film clip I made myself and it features myself and my girlfriend who is now my wife.

Feel free to watch the video and listen to my song, I value your comments.

PERFECT TIME is the way it has always been since I met my wife, and the early days of dating when I wrote this I was fully in love and it has never stopped.

I hope you all find your PERFECT TIME and live it forever, nothing is more important than sharing a deep passionate caring love.

Wishing you all good health and thanks for checking out my song.

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