Valid PLAN music by Daydreams4rock Band

5개월 전

Original rock song FEATURING the vocals and lyrics of Ian Barker, and music by David Emanuel guitarist. Recorded for the unfinished album Unobtainium, and it is one of the best and most fun songs to play on for a guitarist.

Valid plan was written in 2011, and was awarded a a prize as best rock song in facebook group singer songwriters and musicians.

It is a complex song played in 2 keys and would never gain commercial airplay, it is the type of music to amuse musicians and easily appreciated by anyone who loves good guitar.

Take the time to listen and drop me a message to let me know if you like it. That would be awesome.

I love you all here, and am keen to see more independent musicians getting some support on Steemit.

I know the focus here is on writing very long blogs and I am basically an outcast, but I do get some support from time to time and that is what keeps me submitting my art here.

All the best, stay healthy and happy. Click on the link below. Please note the cover art is my own painting too.

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