Everything is LOVE

5개월 전

Classic new age pop rock by Daydreams4rock Guitarist and Songwriter David Emanuel - Everything is Love is a guitar driven original song released recently for the benefit of all those who Philosophically seek to find a path for this lifetime.

As realised by those deep thinkers who come before me, I cam to understand that all matters is loving kindness, seeing things in a loving way and sharing from a perspective of love for all and Everything.

Check out my video and listen to the words, I hope you come to a understanding of the life path the song suggests too.

Please listen and comment - share and upvote if you enjoy.

Video filmed in Sydney, Music and Lyrics by David Emanuel singer songwriter guitarist for Daydreams4rock band.

Thank you all for taking the time to check out my music.

Love you all

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Can it be a bit older please?


sorry I don't understand your question - please explain