Another Steemit Original- Caught Up

2년 전

Also check the song through this link

Hello everyone, today i drop a new song title Caught UP.
The song is written by myself and @kanabeatz.
produced, mixed and matered by @kanabeatz.
the song also has on it the vocals of steemits @dante31

Caught Up.png

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@dele02...that was beautiful! Great job + you collaborated with the perfect guys! Do add the Bigwaves tag to this post. Cheers



Thanks @mosunomotunde.. appreciate... I’ll take to that advice

When @dante31 enters a song, be sure of some unusual tunes. Nice track @dele02


I can be so sure of that.


Thanks a lot 🙏🏽

Beautiful track here I can feel the vibration of two rich voice, the is beautiful raggae and blues, then the Africanism of the beat is totally totally unique, this is outright 12 dollars UPVOTE if it was on dsound, this is amazing, I guess @Dante31 is was on the beat too? 😀😀


yeah, I came in at the ending of the track and mostly under the entire track. Dsound can be a good choice however, Upvote from there is uncertain. We just want to create good music. Maybe @dele02 will upload to dsound later. It is his song anyway


Glad you loved it... and yes @dante31 came in at the ending.. thanks @josediccus

Hey bro

I'm glad to have worked on this song with you. It is an amazing and marvelous song. It deserves to be trending. Continue to give in your best.

So far this week, this is the most beautiful song I have listened to and also that we worked on. Kudos to @kanabeatz for the ever green and amazing instrumentals and production.



Thanks bro.. really appreciate your support on this.. cheers bro

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Oshey...nice one