Elegy For Ice Shelves - 30 minutes of Dark Ambience. Contains REAL nature souds


Nations, cities, capitalism. It all tried to fight the oceans. But even mountains will fall to waves given enough time. The waters weren't natural anymore. It had its own will, own mind, ready to consume them all.

This is the seventh ambient track I've made, starting two months ago. I think I'll keep this up throughout 2020, as I'm only getting more comfortable with the process.

The basis for the track, and the first sound you hear, is localized from real recordings of the Antarctic ice shelf. You can find that audio through this press release. What I did was cut the sound into pieces, slow those pieces down, then isolate a specific part of that audio. I then looped it, added reverb, used a number of EQs to get a more clear audio loop. From there I added a number of tracks, all with their own plugins and sounds.

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  ·  작년

Thank you for your support!

  ·  작년

I would see this well as part of an art installation. The sequence looping gives a spot-on sense of alienation. I also like your introduction very much, where is it taken from?

  ·  작년

I wrote it, just a basic little image to get people a feeling or idea going into the music. Happy you enjoyed it @f3nix


I was wondering if it was part of a longer story of yours. Suggestive. There's a FtS with a prompt by me in case you want to give it a shot, I think it might be stuff for your pen.