Frozen In Plasma - 30 minutes of Dark Ambience! Sci-fi Horror Music!


Approaching the outer quadrant of the Zenesky Galaxy, the Captain's computer systems went into alert. He awoke from a his slumber, still inebriated from the blackmarket Ds he'd popped back at the mining colony. The ship's AI broke to a halt, and the Captain rubbed his eyes. It was impossible. The entirety of the planet, from its core to its very plasmasphere had frozen in place.

The sound is entirely based off of NASA recordings. The basis of what you're hearing comes from space. The title of NASA's track is "Plasmawaves Chorus".

Nasa: “Chorus waves as heard by the EMFISIS instrument aboard NASA’s Van Allen Probes as it passed around Earth.”

DAW Used: Logic Pro X

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  ·  작년

Hello. Thanks for your curation and support.

Just out of curiosity, I wanted to see how dark the music was. And what a daaaaark one! Regards @dirge

  ·  작년

Hi. Thanks for listening!