Lo-Fi Cozy Synth Track - A Better Time. Took me 30 Minutes to make. [DEMO]

10개월 전


Setting the main melody was easy, but the difficulty was finding what time signature I wrote it in. Ended up being 7/8. After that, lining up the drums was easy enough.

I wanted to experiment with some plugins/instruments from the wonderful Klevgrand

The melody uses a Tines electric piano and an Enkl monophonic synth, running an electric organ preset.

The drums use a roland TR-707 snare and high hat, and the kick is a layered kick I made.

Klevgrand has a really cool (and FREE!) instrument called a Syndtsphere.

You drag the sphere around and your location determines what preset to use. It's quite an interesting design. I'm using that for the ghostly melody.

I'm also using a voice instrument called "Jussi". That's the singing you hear in the track.

Overall, I tried to make the track feel like a cassette tape, and that includes the poor quality. I'm still unsatisfied with the result, and the process is irritating: trying to find a middle ground between a classic analog cassette sound and, well, poor quality audio.

Anyway, A Better Time

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Every creative process is extremely interesting. Sometimes people think that a melody emerges in the head of a musician and that's it! It's incredible the hours spent until you can hear what you want to be heard. Thanks pr share this piece, it is really interesting. Regards @dirge

Hi dirge,

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Hi @curie. Thanks for the support, and to anyone that gave the track a listen!

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