The Hero Is Dead - Dungeonsynth / Darkwave / Retrowave album

10개월 전

What's good folks? Here's an album I just released.

It is a concept album heavily inspired by dungeonsynth and synth wave music.

The mastering is far from perfect. Mix, too. But I reached as far as I could in terms of what I know. I did everything on my own for this album, from learning how to use Logic Pro to mixing/mastering, Photoshop, etc. So the album has definitely been a learning experience.

The track titles are:

  1. The Hero Is Dead
  2. A Funeral Interrupted
  3. Smoldering Ashes of the Mourners
  4. Offering of Kings
  5. Regal Decapitation
  6. The Old Ones Ascend

The instruments include:
synths, pianos, taiko drums, rock drums, flutes, saxophone, cello and more. I also have two tracks that are more dark ambient in style.

It is a concept album. I'll let you figure out your own story with it.

If you like it, please consider sharing it with your friends and on social media.


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