A World Without Mondays (1980s Throwback)

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Adversity drives creativity like nothing else. Much of the best art, literature, and music in history has been created by tormented souls. People who experience tough times (such as the loss of a loved one, a bad breakup, or financial difficulty) create content which seems to channel an inner muse. Art created during periods of adversity often stands above anything the same people can write, paint, sculpt, sing, or create during times when they are comfortably content with life.

This week, I happened upon an article about a school district in Colorado that is eliminating Mondays. Their rationale is simple and it’s the same refrain as the four-day work week: let’s save money by fitting the academic schedule into just four days, attract and retain better employees, and cut down on peoples’ commutes.

4-Day-School-Week WJBQ.jpg
Source: WJBQ.

I’m a big fan of the four-day work week (or zero day if we can figure out how to eliminate work weeks!). Friday is the normal casualty, but if they want to eliminate Mondays, they’ll have plenty of fans. The only people who don’t like it are working parents who have to find child care for an extra day. Understandable, but those same parents would be thrilled if they got an extra day off from their jobs also.

That got me thinking about a world without Mondays. If weekends are spent having fun and enjoying recreational activities with family and friends, Monday is a rude awakening. You are thrust, cold turkey, back into that work or school routine. Certainly, there are reasons to like Mondays for those who enjoy their working lives or routines. But if you took a poll, I’ll bet most people would love to eliminate Mondays. Give us a permanent three-day weekend.

1980s Nostalgia with Ready Player One

Since Ready Player One is a movie now, I’ve had a blast of 1980s nostalgia (yes, I lived through it…I’m old enough). I decided to spin myself a few 80s songs while I was writing something. Then I heard the first drumbeats and that catchy melody… Even before I heard Susanna Hoffs’ seductive voice bringing on Manic Monday, it hit me like WHAM! (an epiphany, not the band).

‘Twas then I realized that Monday was a big topic for songwriters, particularly in the 1980s. Quickly I rattled off a few and found some others online. Yes, people in the 1980s loved songs about Mondays. You had Duran Duran, Boomtown Rats, New Order, and the aforementioned Bangles. Their songs about Mondays were some of the most memorable of the decade.

Source: Ready Player One. Warner Brothers Pictures.

That’s the kind of epiphany that would point the Ready Player One hero towards a new key, but it leads me to a different conclusion. If the adversity of Mondays has spurred songwriters and bands to create some classic songs about Mondays, then wouldn’t we lose that creativity by eliminating Mondays as a work/school day?

Let’s take a look at some Mondays songs (with an emphasis on those from the 1980s) and then decide.

Bangles: Manic Monday (1986)

Manic Monday was written by Prince in 1984, but he gave it to the Bangles after hearing their debut album. Girls with guitars and incredible talent, the Bangles made Manic Monday into a top hit. Ironically, the song peaked at # 2 on the Billboard charts in the U.S. It was blocked from the # 1 spot by Kiss, a song by Prince and the Revolution. So even though he gave away what would become a mega-hit, Prince was never bested by Manic Monday. And the Bangles weren’t complaining; they also had a # 1 hit with Walk Like an Egyptian off the same album.

Manic Monday was more than a hit. For working adults or school-going kids, the song was a fun anthem of sorts for anyone struggling with Mondays. Girls thought it was cool. Cool guys couldn’t admit to liking a girl band, but plenty of them had a crush on the singer and secretly enjoyed the music. MM was part of the soundtrack of the 1980s.

Duran Duran: New Moon on Monday (1983)

Duran Duran was omnipresent in the 80s. Even before their 1990s renaissance, they were all that was cool when Music Television (MTV) launched. New Moon on Monday had lyrics that made little sense and a weird video to go along with it, so I won’t hold it up as an example of anti-Monday music. It wasn’t the band’s favorite either: “Even today, I cringe and leave the room” when anyone plays the video, one of the band’s members said later.

Boomtown Rats: I Don’t Like Mondays (1985 Live Aid Concert)

Bob Geldof, is that the grey-haired guy who limps around with U2 at all of those charity concerts? Yes, he has been a driving force behind a lot of benefit concerts. And in 1985, he didn’t look like an old guy. In fact, he was kind of a big deal back then, beginning with his band, the Boomtown Rats. They were not as popular in the U.S. as in the UK and Europe (where the band had multiple # 1 hits).

Let’s run through the checklist. Mullet, hairspray, tight dark jeans. Yup, 1980s. But it was a song that also had a deeper meaning. The title would tell you it’s a classic anti-Monday song. And many people interpreted it that way. In fact, it was written at least in part to address a school shooting in 1979; the shooter’s excuse had been that she didn’t like Mondays. So the words about the silicon chip inside her head and the Telex machine were written specifically to describe the occasion. “I Don’t Like Mondays” also became the name of a game show.

By the way, kudos to Geldof for all the work he has done throughout his career to raise money for charitable causes. The Live Aid and We Are the World concerts were an antidote to the greed of the 1980s. And as capitalism continued to leave people behind in the decades that followed, Geldof, U2, and others have not let people forget easily about the need to alleviate hunger, create relief for debt in the developing world, and more.

More recently, Geldof said that such concerts are no longer needed, since people can raise the money on social media instead.

New Order: Blue Monday (1983)

The single had an image of a 5 ¼ inch floppy drive on it; this was cutting edge stuff. Some people actually remember where they were in 1983 when they first heard this beat. Blue Monday was influential and it became the top-selling 12” single of all time. Despite the gloominess toward Mondays in the title, the synthesizer in the song was what people remembered most.

Source: Factory Records.

New wave synth-pop was not my favorite part of the 1980s, but it spread widely in the early part of that decade and led to the house beats that took off later that decade. Bands like Depeche Mode, the Human League, the Eurythmics, and many others grew quite popular adapting some form of this style. How is it that songs with Monday in the title did so well in that decade?

Let’s Not Forget Black Monday in 1987

In 1987, the stock market suffered its worst percentage decline in history. So-called Black Monday resulted in a drop of -22.6%. Yet another reason to dislike Mondays if you lived through the 1980s. Here is a short video on it.

Stormy Monday, which I’m co-opting for the 1980s because it was used in the movie of the same name (1988)

Since I wasn’t always happy with the direction the 80s took, I need to end with some great Monday music. Stormy Monday was not a 1980s song, but I’ll adopt it for the 80s because there was a movie by that name in 1988, and of course they played the title song in that film. Stormy Monday is as close to a perfect Blues song as you can get; it has everything. The mood, the lyrics, and the music simply epitomize the Blues genre in every way, not to mention the reality in the song's lyrics that the blues do not end with Monday. Call It Stormy Monday is a T-Bone Walker song from 1947, but everybody who is anybody in the Blues has covered it.

Source: Stormy Monday DVD from Arrow Video. Original film from Atlantic Entertainment (1988).

In the 1988 movie, they used the B.B. King version and he certainly did it justice. Ray Charles, Albert King, Etta James, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Lou Rawls, and Eric Clapton are a few others who absolutely rocked that song in their own ways. Judging from YouTube, the Allman Brothers’ version may be the most popular and it is damned good also.

So before we get to the strictly 80s tunes, let’s begin properly with the Blues. Here is B.B. King (a decade later) giving a spirited rendition of the song they included in the 1988 movie. They called him the king for a reason. And for good measure, I'm following it here with the awesome Allman Brothers version from a 1980 concert.

Is Tuesday Just as Bad?

By now, if you were the hero in Ready Player One, you would have enough 1980s knowledge to find the Monday key. In the final analysis, I think the angst of Mondays has stimulated some creative work, in the 80s and beyond. Eliminating Mondays would endanger this creative flow, but that is not reason enough to reject a change that may improve peoples’ lives.


No, there is a better reason to resist the end of Mondays. With no Mondays, weekends would become three days and people would start hating on Tuesdays instead. Isn’t that what the lyrics from the song Stormy Monday suggest? “They call it stormy Monday, but Tuesday’s just as bad.” (And the week in that song continues to get worse until Friday.)

There’s no cure for the blues at the beginning of the week. And the same quantity of work still needs to get done, whenever you choose to do it. Short of creating a 7-day weekend with no work at all, that early week angst is likely to continue on whatever day that week begins. And maybe that’s not such a bad thing after all.


Top image is public domain.

And don't forget to pick up your slick, new Monday key on your way out. If you got this far, you've earned it.


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interesting read, thanks for the nostalgia trip, I remember these songs fondly. whatever day we started the week on would be the same, the weekend is a tease of a work free life and the first day back is the realisation of that tease.

Nice post

@donkeypong, Very interesting to read amazing blog post you provided there. I'm not a student yet and already being member of member of my working place. I'm really enjoy with No Mondays. You heard before every employees, students told something. They all don't like Mondays. For me, Monday is a hard working day and if not that day I think absolutely I'm free. But It's only psychological thought. If there were no Mondays, peoples hate surely Tuesdays. I'm really enjoying with watch awesome video musics you shared. Thanks for given most awesome article given to community.

Great review of the 80s, i was not alive during the 80s at all but it influenced my life in a lot of ways anyways! I've watched tons of movies from the 80s, a few of my favorite bands started or had their peak career points in the 80s and its overall one of the richest cultural for movies and music so far!

I watched Ready Player One on the movie teather last week, i had already read the book and listened to the audiobook so i came in with certain expectations that i managed to keep under control, but Spielberg did not dissapoint, he and Ernest may have changed a lot but its still a decent movie! even with all the mother stuff that you have to put on the movie, he managed to give it that 80s style everyone wanted and it did not dissapointed if you watch it with little expectation and just to have fun and bask in nostalgia!

Haha. No Mondays , man you are making life easy for everyone. The employees will surely enjoy no Mondays, Mondays hurt them. Lol haha
And yeah students love four day weeks. This way they will get to play more and study less. The students will praise you my friend.
Look now you are justifying your no Mondays with these songs. Anyways a few of these are awesome. I love music, who doesn't.


As long as people can get their work done in fewer days, it's fine with me.


I love the sounds of no monday! People wouldn't be so exhausted from a long week of work

Wow what an amazing post. Yeah i am still a schools student, i hate sunday you know why because here saturday is on Weekend. As m experience is going i think each and everyone hate the day after weekend it doesn't have one reason it have many as teacher give more homework as there weekend they give more to study because it's weekend.They take test the day after weekend. As the day after weekend is mondays there.so probably they will have mondays and the weekend is monday they will hate tuesday. Loved the music you shared. Love to listen them as it so relate.Really enjoyed reading it. I loved weekend an i think everyone does.Thanks for sharing it with us.. @donkeypong


A choice between more homework or more class time...hmm. That is a tough one.


Yeah, When you have extra class even in the weekend, it's like hell.Even no time form relaxment. Now days school doesn't see the capacity student all they see is has they scored good mark and will it make school name higher.What is meaning of studying when you cannot use in life.

Aaaand, I'm caught listening to a playlist of the most popular New Order songs, starting with #1 Blue Monday.

I've always had the impulse to do stuff like this, chipping off the parts of my life that I don't like regardless of how much I'll have to sacrifice in the future for that. I guess that it's not really a self-destructive impulse but more like carpe diem.

I'd like to work 4 hours a day 4 days a week. Let's remove Monday or Friday. I don't really have a problem. Will I start hating Tuesdays? Maybe, but I'll be happier while hating on Tuesday because I'll have a victory behind me, having eliminated Monday from my work-week.


Maybe you can try out that schedule and let us know how it works for you. :)

What an intriguing piece. I caught this the very second it dropped.
Your musical collection says a lot about you @donkeypong. You are simply a "dope guy", in every cool sense of that word. Quite a versatile musical background you had growing up.
As for the issue with Monday, you stole my thoughts completely, with your last two paragraphs.....
Regardless of whatever day, the week is made to start on, just to satisfy "Monday-Haters", the supposed "new" first working day of the week will eventually get hated as well.
The problem with Monday isn't the day itself, I believe. People that loath Monday, probably loath "their work", and the "job and responsibilities" they have to do on that very Monday....not necessarily, because it is Monday.
If for instance, the work week starts on Sunday, and Weekend begins on Thursday, running through to Saturday....Sunday would become the new day to be dreaded or hated.
So, like you adequately summarized in this post....

There’s no cure for the blues at the beginning of the week. And the same quantity of work still needs to get done, whenever you choose to do it. Short of creating a 7-day weekend with no work at all, that early week angst is likely to continue on whatever day that week begins.

Mondays isn't the problem, People's Jobs and Responsibilities on that Monday is what they hate and dread.
To think of it, if you do enjoy your job, you wouldn't dread doing it. Regardless of whatever day you have to do it.

I better stop here. This is turning into a post of its own....Lolz
Thanks for exposing us to your cool '80s musical collection. Like I said, you are a "dope guy" @donkeypong.


That's true. Jobs and responsibilities are the issue, not Mondays themselves. Yes, you might have enough fuel for a post there. :)

It is amazing the cultural importance of Mondays. when you mentioned the music my head went straight to Monday Monday by the Neil Diamond. I think we all have a love-hate relationship with Monday's. It sucks that it is the end of the weekend but it is also the start of something new.

As a teacher, I have been part of many discussions about the school year schedule and how it can be revamped or improved. Many school districts are stuck in the usual 10 months of school and a two-month summer vacation. There are some schools near us trying out the idea of a year-round school schedule with more regular one or two week breaks. I see the advantages of this as I find two months off to be a long time and there is a great deal of regression in many kids learning. I could see the 4 day week fitting into that type of schedule as well. It would basically only add about 1-1 1/2 hours to the school days. I think I could work with that but I think this might be a little long for the younger kids. Maybe a tiered approach, whereas they get older we pull back on the number of days? It is a great debate.


Yes, it is good to have the discussion. Neil Diamond: good memory, though it wasn't an 80s song. There must be some more good Monday songs I forgot to mention also.

Black Monday, Blue Monday, Stormy Monday. Hahahaha. Mondays have always been depressing for most people, especially after the restful weekend, the body struggle to adapt. Like you rightly said sir, the same amount of work for that week, would still be done, as good as it sounds to have a free Monday, it's like no free Monday at all, as the work schedule gets piled up for four days, and you might have to take some home. Haha.
This got me sir;

Adversity drives creativity like nothing else. Much of the best art, literature, and music in history has been created by tormented souls.

This is absolutely true. I wrote something about this yesterday, but not entirely on this view. Really love this.
P.S: I actually don't feel any odd about Mondays, maybe because I don't even have Saturdays as a free day, so it doesn't make much difference to me.

Haha, yeah I think we all imagined what it would be if Mondays would no longer exist. And, all of us imagined that it would be so great and fantastic. But in reality, you would start hating Tuesdays, because you would have to do the same amount of work in a shorter time span.

If we're going to delete Mondays, why don't we just delete all week days? Let's no longer have Mondays, Tuesdays and so on...

"Hey, what day is it? - It's just day" LOL

We all hate mondays, but would we have all these classic movies and music without them?


Hey, it took me over 1000 words to say that. Good summary!

You are very carefully @donkeypong. I just realized that there are many songs and movies that raised Monday as the title. Instead of considering it as a problem, Monday is a day that inspires creative people. As we often hear, a problem is an opportunity.

However, other days are also inspiring. There is my favorite Bon Jovi song; Someday I'll Be Saturday Night and many more inspiring days. If there is no Monday, we will lose inspiration on that day, as the other day.

Happy weekend @donkeypong!

I think we as a whole envisioned what it would be if Mondays would never again exist. What's more, every one of us envisioned that it would be so incredible and fabulous. Be that as it may, as a general rule, you would begin despising Tuesdays, on the grounds that you would need to do a similar measure of work in a shorter time traverse.

Monday is usually the worst day for anyone with a grumpy boss. I see that day of week as a remembrance day because it brings back all the unpleasant memories of the past week and all you can think about is how to fast forward the day, delete it, or just make it disappear.

If you speak today monday. Monday is where the first day moves after a holiday .. it's time to work. For some people will be very lazy to face monday. Especially if there are work demands. And Monday is the first day to think of doing something and if on Monday we make a good work, then the next day feels light, relaxed and enjoy.

Interesting music compilation (bookmarked it) and yes, Tuesday would just be bad.
Yet instead of 4-days work, it would be great to work normal week for 8 month and take a 4-month vacation for me lol.


Now you're talking. I like that idea also.

Actually if i can finish all my work on monday, the rest of the week can be a weekend.
Interesting enough it's such a pain how we dread Monday like something bad about it.
New days are coming, where your monday is a friday, actually bars work on Mondays too..lol
Guess efficiency is way better than blindly working hard.
From now, No more Mondays i guess.


There you go, the one-day week! Only Mondays. Or whatevers. As long as the other 6 are work-free, that's fine with me.

I always found mondays easy. I knew what and where i was supposed to be and do.

Now, i have no weekends. Sunday and monday are interchangeable.

I feel, without this adversity, we would just write better songs about better things.


Some of us work too hard and the days don't matter anymore. :)

I also do not like Mondays, it is most definitely a rude awakening to our weekend.

And it always just feels somewhat too long....

But there's a little bit of truth in the song..."Is Tuesday just as bad"

If there were no Mondays, then people would start hating on Tuesdays instead.


They would. And if the workday was only one day long, whichever day that was, people would hate it just as much.


Bottom line?
People generally are lazy.... 😂 😂 😂
And would want everyday to be a work free day.....

Thanks Sir

No, there is a better reason to resist the end of Mondays. With no Mondays, weekends would become three days and people would start hating on Tuesdays instead. Isn’t that what the lyrics from the song Stormy Monday suggest? “They call it stormy Monday, but Tuesday’s just as bad.” (And the week in that song continues to get worse until Friday.)

You said it all here, eliminating mondays will only turn tuesdays to another monday. Truth is, the weekend is never long enough, and making monday a weekend will only make week days shorter and more work. Have never been a monday hater, rather is a day I always look forward to. Too many activities on weekend. Monday is more of a rest recuperating day for me. Nice post @donkeypong.

  ·  2년 전


And then they will ask for a 3 day week. And then for a 2 day week...
And after a while there will be non-workers revolution!

When I started reading the post, my intention was to comment that Tuesday would just be equally be hated like Mondays, if not more since the three day weekend would simply intensify the relaxation, resulting in a 'ruder' awakening on a Tuesday.
You just have to inspire yourself to get motivated for the new week.

Lovely piece though. I would be sure to check out those songs on mondays.

I love old school vibes, even though I am a nineties kid - lady. There's something nostalgic about all those people when you look about their then and now, and you can't help but wonder about time. That's not the reason I love them though, I just love the sounds -timeless.

And yes! I am about a quarter pages into Ready Player One! I read the review some where on steemit this week, and I was blown. I never knowingly watch a movie before reading the book, so I though I read it up first.

Even though I went on YouTube to watch the trailer

Hehehe. with the Monday is the day Tuesday, indeed everyone just wants a Sunday.

Mondays that sucks, you have to get up early leaving the whole comfortable warm bed, to get up and serve the people that you never want or don't give a fuck about.The whole problem is the money if this money wouldn't have been there the whole scenario would have changed.You wud feel like being in paradise, get up when you want at the leisure of time, enjoying every moment.
Mondays suck, there is another way to get rid of the problem ,put the day off.lets change the world.

Hahaha!! No Monday? All dem workie won't love to hear that atall. In fact they have saved the next Monday date in their calendar and once they get home on Friday. All they think about is Monday as if Saturday or Sunday is not part of the calendar. hahaha☺

Hahaha, no Mondays?, well it looks like it's gonna be fun, but then if anyone finds it difficult to start a new week on Monday then same thing is gonna happen even if you give a 5 days weekend. So give everyone a no Mondays week, and they will start hating Tuesdays.

Meanwhile, great videos of some 80's music you shared there, I was still a baby in the 80's, born 1985, I couldn't have enjoyed those songs even though they were the rave of the moment, so once again thanks for sharing.

Still your boy @royaltiesboss-eu

Excellent article. Really Monday is a hard day. We in the country also have a lot of songs about Monday and there is a saying. If a person loser about him say "on Monday was born" :) Thanks for the exchange.

A nice article relating to history with excellent photography,
Actually Monday is the next day of holiday so its not liked due to the busy schedual after a relaxed day so it is some extent irritating.
I apreciate your article at all.

I'm all for this, especially if society could get on board with this as a whole. We could be just as productive (students and adults alike) and happier, which in turn helps the quality of productivity, which is a big 'ol win-win.
I was born in '89, so I'm not super familiar with all your 80's music stuff here, but I totally love your cadence / the way you write.
:) #BanMondays

I was just thinking about how much I hated Monday's today. They are made much worse when it's not just your work you are overwhelmed by, but by toxic work culture, and
office politics. Glad I came across your post.Glad to know so many people are affected by it and it was not just all in my head. For now all I can do about mondays is use Mondays to drive creativity. Mondays or any other adversity for that matter.

A beautiful article related to history with nice photography. Monday is busy day so it is not think as good. Your article is to much interesting.

Mondays are like hectic days for some and good day for some. Good day for some who enjoy their work as you once said and bad day for the ones which their boss are so tough . and bad days for lazy ones


Give me a world without working mondays and with STEEM at 20$. I won't ask anything else from life. :D

I am as yet a schools understudy, I detest sunday you know why in light of the fact that here saturday is on Weekend. As m encounter is going I think each and everybody detest the day after end of the week it doesn't have one reason it have numerous as educator give more homework as there end of the week they offer more to contemplate in light of the fact that it's weekend.They take test the day after end of the week. As the day after end of the week is mondays there.so most likely they will have mondays and the end of the week is monday they will despise tuesday. Cherished the music you shared. Love to listen them as it so relate.Really appreciated understanding it. I adored end of the week an I think everybody does.Thanks for offering it to us.. @donkeypong

Friday whould have been great for holiday but for monday only lazy individual would aspect your proposal. If you miss monday what else is there to do in a week. Monday is very important to the world.

In the 80's, i'd probably be in my mother's womb or still contemplating whether to come over here or not. It amused me how you talked about the happenings then. I have no idea either.

Like you are a fan of the four-day work week, i would be the biggest fan of 2-day work if possible. But the rationale for the school to scrap off Monday isn't such a proper one for me. Though i'm looking it from the perspective of a typical african.

If that happens here, Its an avenue for schools to extort the parents big time, And for the children to have more play time. Lol.
How i wish Monday is counted as weekend.

What a beautiful piece @donkeypong

I can't wait to have a sustainable steemit that people will love even mondays. Haha.

This is a nice article.

You have a good point sir that if people can do job even in just four days or shorter what's the point of working again. Hahha... or why not every transactions will just be online and will be kept on a blockchain the same with steem. That will lessen the cost of every companies and stress of every employees.


Personally, I would prefer a Monday with no work and just sipping my favorite drink and enjoying music

Even if no mondays policy is part of life cycle ,I want to see a no tuesday sometimes is a bit akward.Kind off enjoy more a week without tuesdays. Personal opinion.

The best bet for nicer mondays is waiting for UBIs to become mainstream :P

Creative article. I enjoyed it.

A world free of Mondays seems like a nice one.... The traffic demons that comes out on mondays are special (Nigerian stuff)

My my my no Monday's 😁 I can tell you as a mom of twins, my kids are THE WORST getting go up and going to school on Monday. Seriously I dont know what happens, but once Tuesday comes they're fine. Here here for a four day week . Oh and AWESOME POST! 😊

Hello, I have the opportunity to not work on Mondays and it is a good option since you have a day to do paperwork, and comply with other activities, everything is a custom and that calendars are adapted. regards

I'm also a fan of the four day work week. But I think it's a bad idea for students. They need the discipline, I think.

This are cool and good old videos. I love to watch them though I'm not from 80's. Music may have evolved to into something what it is today but the old days are still the best for me. They really make me smile whenever I listen to one.

You got two of my favorites in there for which I hoped you would. Stormy Monday Blues and I Don't Like Mondays (Boom Town Rats) . Interesting back story, Ageless music. Thanks @donkeypong.

Definitely!! Amazing and trustworthy I think. I hope this post can concealment your cost!

Great post.... I used to play I don’t like Monday’s on the Piano very Sunday night before School.

Hey @Donkeypong a new Steemian (Original Oil Paintings) could use some support.... @revelationart

I loved all the content, although I do not know most of those things since I am from 2000 but likewise I hate Mondays and removing it in particular would be like you mentioned that we would hate Tuesdays but we would work or study 4 days being more feasible, a great post and good writing, greetings friend.

Well thanks a lot bringing back that Golden era of music from 1980s. These songs are also important for my understanding of cultural diversity across the Globe. Oh hell yeah, Monday is kinda rudest thing :D

That got me thinking about a world without Mondays. If weekends are spent having fun and enjoying recreational activities with family and friends, Monday is a rude awakening.

But at the moment i am enjoying the music and my weekend , who cares for the Mondays ;) :D

Have a nice weekend to you too @donkeypong

Blue Monday is as fab as it can get.... Lovely work i believe... Anyways what is your favourite...

Thanks @donkeypong. yeah I do like the idea of 4 day work weeks. But the thing is if you have young kids it would be a nightmare for two working parents. That's realy the main thing I see where this schedule will really not advance very far across the US.

In US ,we are just to too "fixed" in on the 5 day work/school week. I do not see it changing in the foreseeable future on a large scale basis

Oh man! Taking me on a walk down memory lane. Thank you very much. And you already know how passionate I am about Ready Player One. If the puzzle is to find something good about Mondays connected to 80s music, I think I may have a shot of making it on the leader board.

I give you one of my favorite songs...

Happy Mondays performing Hallelujah (although I prefer the club mix)

Oh and you can put me down for 2 yes votes for the 4 day school week.

For some of us that would also mean a 4 day work week.


Lol.....oh mehn, in as much as school workers like that, parents wont like that much, especially working parents, cause they would prefare to have the kids more at school than having them at home.
I am actually not a fan of kids on holidays, many times I wish is all school days and just a few days off...lol.

Is amazing post to monday mr @donkeypong !! Cool post 😎

The world won't change for us to remove one work day, but we can make the change by not working for others. You have all the rights to decide which days to work by self-employed.

But often that turns out to be no off days at all.

music earlier times are different with today

Hi, I am a young Venezuelan, sportsman and I am new to this social network ... I follow your work very closely, and I am delighted with the potential that you show in your publications .... I will follow your post to learn and grow progressively in steemit. .. Congratulation! Keep going on

As long as we can get the work done just fine, no to any of the work week should be just fine :)
Blue Monday by New Order was something that I first heard during my college days. I find it very haunting, like in a very poetic painful way. I don't know If I am able to make any sense to you all :P

Seems it's been long people have been hating Monday. People hate Monday because most people are employed and the hatred comes from the fact that they are going to work again to make their boss rich.while they stay frustrates being stuck with the paycheck.

No, there is a better reason to resist the end of Mondays. With no Mondays, weekends would become three days and people would start hating on Tuesdays instead

I would have said the same thing if I didn't see it in this post. If Mondays were no longer work day, then Tuesdays will be the next and people would start hating Tuesdays too.

The only way to love everyday is to love what you do or do what you love. If you're going out on Monday to make a lot of money for yourself then you'll be happy doing it. I think its time we start thinking of how to make loving everyday possible. Employers are sad people during the working days and only happy people on weekends and payday.

Does anyone remember the I don't like Monday shootings?

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I personally love Monday's as I can't wait to kick off work again - no lie lol.

Some good tunes, my favourite is of course New Order - wrote about that song already and have a lot memories around the song.

Hahahahah....a world without monday for real would be fun with 3 days long weekend. But the tuesday will become another monday and people will start hating and calling for a world without tuesdays.

The first step towards making the world a better place will be to eliminate Mondays from the work schedule. Mondays are "Mourn" days, really.

I like the homour embeded in your writing style; it is epic. I laughed really hard when I read the part where you wrote:

Monday is a rude awakening. You are thrust, cold turkey, back into that work or school routine.

I can imagine a cold turkey and the air of dullness always surrounding it. Hahahaha

I don't think is a good idea to no Mondays work and school. People will still want to add Tuesday so that we have 3 working days and 4 non working days a week. Lazy generation will it become. I've heard one said he wish a day could be more than 24 hours because 24 is not enough some days he get work at hand. I think Monday is OK in spite of workers hating on it.

Nothing still like the 80s tunes.
Nice post @donkeypong

Hi,I am a young Venezuelan, sportsman and I am new to this social network ... I follow your work very closely, and I am delighted with the potential that you show in your publications .... I will follow your post to learn and grow progressively in steemit. .. Congratulation! Keep going on

This is a nice blog.
Hi,I am a young Venezuelan, sportsman and I am new to this social network ... I follow your work very closely, and I am delighted with the potential that you show in your publications .... I will follow your post to learn and grow progressively in steemit. .. Congratulation! Keep going on

junge junge wie die Zeit vergeht!
Guter Post!

I like this post,,,,nice


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Thank You! ⚜

"People will start hating on Tuesdays" Hahaha, so true! Love B.B., saw him when I was in college!

Boomtown Rats: I Don’t Like Mondays was my favorite song and the very first song I recorded from the radio on my old tape deck. I still like the song, and I still don't like Mondays...ha ha ha!

wow that's awesome collection.

Is monday, a mysterious day?

If there is no Monday , Where I am ? Because I was born on Monday ..

Such an awesome article @donkeypong! Featured on our Daily DSound & DTube Discoveries here. It's great to have this amazing list of Monday tracks gathered in one post for the community to enjoy :-)!

Amusing response, Tom @donkeypong about dropping Monday -- wasn't it Garfield, the embodiment of petulant laziness, who also said he hated Mondays?

As an artist, I think you're right about the larger point of a little angst not being a bad thing, and adversity driving creativity.

When we're happy, we live, when we're suffering... we try to transmute it into art or philosophy to make sense of it, turn it into a thing of Beauty that can be shared with the world and alleviate the suffering of others.

Such is the alchemy of art as I understand it, and the philosophy of the great Romantic poets & Existentialist thinkers that shaped my inner landscape growing up.

I even wrote a small poem about it:

I've been lavishly gifted a pain
as thick and rich as oil paint
By pushing it round the page
I've learned to make Art.

While we are not necessarily made happier by what is difficult, we are made better (morally, spiritually) and I think we would be worse off without some hardship in our lives.

What's more, and this may sound counter-intuitive, we are more productive when we have less idle time, as these adages test: If you want to get something done, give it to a busy person.

And, the devil will find work for idle hands to do.

Thank you, for sharing your reflections and occasioning mine. _/|\_

Hi, @donkeypong,
I beleave in your idea, during my expiriance as a financial manager, i realise that’s more interesting for companys than employers, in terms of sourcing.

During my negociations in my ultimate job, i had the flexibility to not work the week end + monday, of course with a condition that i will not be paid on monday.

However, i’m proud of my decision, and i encourage every person to do the same, your post is sufisent to explaim rhe raisons.

Thank you, and good luck in your life!!!

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Really? No Mondays? I think that would be great! I'm with you...Rainy Days and Mondays Always Get Me Down<~ The Carpenters 19seventy somthing!!!!!!!<<<<<

Blue Monday is one of the best songs ever made. Still sends chills down my spine. I have to say, a 3 day weekend would be awesome, but that just means that your Tuesdays are the new Mondays and Wednesdays are the new Sad Tuesdays. I recently dropped hours and though I work every day I have some mornings off, some arvos off, and some days i work for an hour. It rocks. So even if I'm tired as hell and recovering, I know I have two hours of work and can come home and crash or go surfing or clean the house or whatever, and generally be in my own space. Fuck working full time.

Oh I love the Bangles one you missed was Mamas &papas Monday Monday so good to me . Thanks

Yeah, almost everyone hate Mondays. But if there are no Mondays, then Tuesday will be the new hate day.😂😂 Just my opinion. But your post is awesome.

Wow. I never realized the word “Monday” was used in so many song titles and can be mentioned all the songs I’ve heard before. Music makes me started with my music business industry in Malaysia. Thanks for sharing @donkeypong. These songs flashing back all my old memories. I’m going to play those songs again.

Truth is, no one really likes Mondays, but we somehow cannot do without it.

I literally recognize every single face. HOW OLD AM I? ;)

AMAZING POST MAN , flashback to the back by ur post . keep it up . done a great job