How Lil Pump Changed the Game!

3년 전

Lil Pump is an American singer and songwriter who first started out by uploading his music to soundcloud in 2016. As a kid he would sell drugs and get in to a lot of trouble. He got kicked out of high school for starting a riot. He then was introduced to a rapper name Smokepurp and Lil Pump was only 13 at the time. Lil pump never thought he would be a rapper. So he started to work with Smokepurp and people started to notice them and like there music. When Lil Pump released the song called Gucci Gang he blew up so fast and which hit number 3 on the US BillBoard Hot 100 chart. He is also famous for all the Gucci products he wears and owns which sent a trend worldwide because people now also want Gucci products. At this time Lil Pump is only 17 years old and he's on top on the world right now.

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