Prepare For Disappointment

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This song screams of Nice Guy Syndrome.
There is a deep, aching pain that comes from the rejection of a gift, especially when that gift is your own heart.
But so often the gifts we give do not come from a place of altruism, and when that gift is love, it comes with a price.
Many people love in order to be loved.
If that love is not received as willingly as we've given it, we tend to feel cheated.
It's not fair to put in more than you get out of something.
But these are people, not "somethings".
People are not gumball machines.
However many quarters you insert, no matter how many times you turn that crank, you must never expect a gumball.
When reciprocation is an expectation, the gift you have so "freely" given is none other than a beautifully wrapped burden.
Do you actually love them, or do you just love the idea of being loved by them?
Is it even about them at all?
This disappointment you feel is your own fabrication.
The "object" of your affection is not the one subjecting you to this suffering.
It's all you.
It's always just been about you.
You cannot buy something that is not for sale, no matter the price you've appointed to it.
And I hate to break it to you, but love can never be bought.

I only needed a soul
To share to kiss and to hold
But only found this dark hole
Someone unbearably cold

And though I tried to reach through
tried to see what makes you you
You closed all windows and doors
Saw me for only my flaws

They say that time heals all wounds
I can't say from what I've
seen that its true
Regrets and pain follow you
Until there`s no one to help
and nothing you can do

And if my dreams would come true
I'd be there looking at you
And as you start to undo
I`ll hold a mirror to you

My only solace is this
You'll never feel such a kiss
You'll never know what you missed
You`ll never experience true bliss

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Preach sister.

excellent pots you have my vote. I invite you to vote for mine

Hi. Matt Elliott. Nice to meet me.😂

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