My first Music Mix to reach over 100,000 views on YouTube - Sharing my YouTube happy moment :)

5년 전

Hello steemers! I got a lot of positive feedback on my introduction blog (thank you!), on how it is to run a YouTube channel, so hopefully it's a good idea to share a little bit more about it, now when things are starting to go well for my channel :)

Here it is, if you are interested.

I put a lot of effort into each video I make, often over 50 hours each, so it's incredibly satisfying now when I'm starting to get fruit from what I have been doing over the last two years. When my channel was new I only got about 1-3 views each day, with the same amount of work as I do now.

One of my first music mix videos that I made about 2 years ago have recently got a very big boost from YouTube.

(here is the "baby viral" video I'm talking about)

This video have been one of my best ones from the day I started my channel, with about a steady 100 dayly views for a long time, but around 2 months ago I started to gain a lot more views from this video, as you can see here.

views witcher 3 ver 1.png

Right now my Witcher 3 music video is getting about 1,500 views each day, instead of 100 as before.

It all started 2 months ago when my Witcher 3 video got into the "suggested videos" on one very popular video with over 1 million views on YouTube. (here it is if you are interested)

related videos witcher 3 suite klar.jpg

YouTube is a strange place, they change the rules and many hidden algorithms a lot of times that they never fully share the information about, so you are always on a guessing game on what kind of content, tags and information that YouTube likes. I can understand them a little bit, if they tell everyone exactly what they are doing, many will try to game the system. So overall they just want people to make good content, and they will take care of the rest. My job is to make good content, and their job is to figure out what is good, and what's not so good, and to guide the traffic to the good stuffs. And also to read what kind of content that each YouTube user usually likes, so they can match the right kind of content for the right type of person.

YouTube does a lot of stuffs wrong, but I think this is what YouTube does best, compared to pretty much all other sites and platforms.

So right now Youtubes new algorithm really like this video, maybe I just got lucky, that it's a perfect match just temporary, and that it will go back down again as soon as they change a little bit more on their "precious" algorithm.

Only time will tell! :) It's hard to figure out exactly how everything is working together and what's important for the future, but it's easy to see what have happening in the past. Let me share some interesting data for you.

As you can see here, my entire channel have got a great boost, on pretty much all my other videos, exactly the same time my Witcher 3 video started to grow. I guess that YouTube is giving my entire channel a better chance to grow, now when I have proved that I'm capable on making content that is appreciated.

views hela min kanal ver 1.png

Here is the "Audience retention" watch time for my Witcher 3 video. (I usually have about 40%, this is one of my best ones)

watch time witcher 3 ver 1.png

And here is where all my traffic is coming from for this video, as you can see, most of my extra views is from the YouTube start page "Browse features, brown color" and "Suggested videos, blue color"

traffic sources witcher 3 ver 1.png

Most big youtubers are getting most of their traffic from those two sources, so I'm very happy that I have been growing a lot on those two important spots.

Here are two more big suggested videos that my Witcher 3 music mix have recently been attached to :)

I hope you found this information interesting, this post is starting to get pretty big, so I better stop now :D
I'm very happy at the moment, it feels like finally things are starting to go well for me, I just want to share my moment, I hope it does not come out as bragging, I'm just being proud at the moment :D

If you believe in something, keep on doing it! And the more you struggle, the better the reward will feel when things turn around :)

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I like your music. You tube finally give you a chance maybe this new algorithm has good taste of music. Congratulations for your achievement.


Thank you for the kind comment motherearthist , I appreciate it! :)

Interesting stats, for what I see YouTube sometimes works on a strange way...

Oh, and I love Malukah, she is a great singer and has a great sense of humor. I have interacted a little with her online and she is very funny and also very talented. I'm very proud that she is mexican like me.


I had no idea that she is mexican, or has a great sense of humor :D I only knew about her voice that is fantastic, very talanted indeed!

Nice to hear that you have been talking with her, I bet many music fans want to do the same :)


You can check this video of her playing Destiny and talking in spanish:


I don't understand spanish, but I will check out the video :D

Subtitles works great ^^


Thank you for your votes and support @gamemusic.

Your music would go very well with any adaptions of Anne McGaffrey Books like the Rowan or the Ship who sang or Crystal Singer or Dragon Singer....




Thats great news, your music is beautiful, but those algorithms? who could ever work it out. Its great that you are getting hits, a twist of good fortune but you have quality uploads, the cream always rises to the top :)


Thank you kryptoe! I bet no one can ever work it out, not even YouTube themself, hehe :)

I'm trying my best to create some good cream ^^ and hope for the best.

The music makes me sleepy, but the article was fantastic!


Thank you cshark, I appreciate it : )

Starting to get a little bit sleepy also, maybe I have been playing it too much myself :P

Consistency is key bro and it pays off..i edit most times and i know what it takes to pull off a good work..nice one


@iamceezee Thank you so much!

Feels good to hear someone who see the effort we put into stuffs, now after I have started to make these mixes I have also started to see and appreciate the amount of work that other Youtubers or other content makers put into their work. It's pretty much always a lot more than we first think it is : )

And yes, consistency is the key! I would have stopped a long time ago if I didn't enjoy doing this, but even while I enjoy it, it's still many times very frustrating, hehe.

Kudos to you too, good luck with your editing and everything else :)


Lol i understand,if you got passion for it you'll always go back to it no matter how hard you try to stop and most especially when you start earning good too..well i've stopped editing at the moment cause my system is faulty but once i fix it i'll be back on track

Congratulations, the most important thing is that you enjoy what you do, continue like this. With that you realize that you have the support of many people, including me ♥

Over 50 hours to produce each video is a lot of hard work... congratulations on getting all those views :D ! I can only imagine how satisfying it must feel!

okay, you got me. i was looking in my followerlist and i caught you. :-)
so now i´m here and i like what you do. games especially game music are great. greetings from germany

wow! that's beautiful i share your post and you also got popularity. your steemit is really going upword.

I would love to be a youtuber in the future as well. Me and my son are still thinking of a concept though, as we want to be unique and not just another copycat. Reading your post makes me want to rethink those concepts again :)

great news dear friend thanks for your post

Great job

Congratulation sir, hope one day you will get more viewers. thanks for share your enjoyable moments with us.

I wish I could get a couple of my videos to get that kind of viewership.

That's the power of youtube, keep it up

Nice song, I like this

That's great achievement man:) keep on doing your good work:):)

  ·  5년 전

More grease to your elbows great job nice piece

well done gamemusic, once again!

  ·  5년 전

Awesome post, great music!

I like it bro, greetings from venezuela!! :)

wonderful music
good luck dear friend.

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Very informative. Thanks

Very imformative post. Deep sounding music! Thanks

Really very interesting the content of your post, believe me you do not stay as a braggart. You are enjoying your successes and that is important too. to follow the successes for you.