Garage Rock Psychedelic Song - Time Can't Wait, by Public Nuisance!


This song is a little Garage Rock, a bit Psychedelic, and kicks butt with some Metal Power Chords!

I don't know anything about Public Nuisance but the video description says they are from Sacramento, California. It's probably from 1968. It features a heavy guitar, psychedelic organ, loud crashing drums, and almost screamy yet mournful vocals.

Only 2 and a half minutes, so try it out. You might dig it!

The video itself is cool. It's like a liquid psychedelic lightshow over some news clips of the day. Far out, man!

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I little bit of everything!


Yes it has several cool components! But not as fast as something by DragonForce which is what I play when I wanna act like the guys in the Gif! :D