Grapthar's Song of the Day: Tappi Tíkarrass 'Óttar'

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Tappi Tíkarrass - Óttar

Tappi Tíkarrass is an

Icelandic punk band, active from 1981-1983 originally, and having reformed in recent years. The group was legendary artist Bjork's first band, though she has not been involved in the new reincarnation of the band. While they were a punk band, they incorporated ideas from all over the musical spectrum, much like Bjork has done with her solo career, and were not afraid of adding more complexity to their writing, resulting in some incredibly interesting songs. Unfortunately, only their new music is available on a lot of streaming services, but you can listen to their old EP and full length on YouTube. (Wikipedia - Tappi Tíkarrass)

Listen to Óttar by Tappi Tíkarrass here.

This song is from the

afforementioned EP, Bitið fast í vitið, which was released in 1982. If you like the track, I believe it will automatically be a part of a playlist that includes the full EP, so check out the rest of the songs. The guitar tone is awesome, with the Chorusy/flangey, surfy sort of vibe, which reminds of some of the early Siouxsie songs. The dark, heavy riff they begin the track with is also reminiscent of the Banshees, so they must have been an influence on the group. Bjork's vocals are awesome here, much less 'out-there' and experimental than her solo stuff, but still impressive considering how young she was at the time.

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I discovered this very cool band this past summer when I somehow found Kælan Mikla on YouTube, an all girl Icelandic band, and Tappi Tíkarrass was in the related videos. I wrote about them then. I wonder if you have heard of Kælan Mikla?

I've always liked Bjork since I saw her solo work on MTV back in the day. It's cool that you can find almost any music in the world on YouTube and its fun to find former things done by people you like in their current band.


Never heard Kælan Mikla before, I'll check them out on your post! Iceland seems to breed some awesome music.
Yea I'm a big Bjork fan. She has such a wide and varied discography.