'Cornealus' Vision II' - New Original Music/Second Version of a New Tune Inspired by Splinterlands! Electronic/Instrumental + Walkthrough!

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This song came together

in an odd sort of way. I initially was going to use this horn VST from Native Instruments and write something sort of goofy and Zelda/retro-game esque, which is where the intro of this song came from. I abandoned that as soon as I started jamming with the horn a bit more, and wrote what would become the basis for this song. However, I've included that original intro idea just for fun, so you can see just how different it was initially, before I decided to try something different. There's also a large number of tracks here, so I'll probably just list them, and go through 2 or 3 of the most important ones.

Listen to Cornleaus' Vision 2 here.

So, here we go then...

Instruments - 1: Horn, 2: Synth, 3: Organ, 5: Piano, 6: Granular Piano, 11: Oboe, and 12: Bassoon (used for a little half measure accent)
Drums - 4: Timpani, 9: Hihats, shakers, 10: Suspended Cymbal 13: 808 (a single hit after the intro, totally unimportant to the song, lol)
Misc. - 7: Unused/Deleted hihat rhythm, 8: random sounds/fillers/transitions

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Track 1, both Light Purple and Blue clips.

Track 1 is, of course,

the horn that began this whole endeavor. I realized (after I removed the major chord harmonizer) that if I played in a low register, it made for a really wobbly, kind of creepy timbre, so that's what I did to build the riff. We have 3 main sections, divided in Track 1 amongst Light Purple, Dark Purple, and Blue clips. Track 1 works with 2 and 3 to build our main chords. Light Purple moves from our tonic of Amin to an Fmin, then to an F#min two times, before repeating or going into something else. The Dark Purple section stays much more diatonic: Amin, Fmaj, Gmaj, Dmin, Amin, Fmaj, Gmaj, and Amin (although an Amaj is subbed in later on). Finally, we have Blue, which is variation of Light Purple, beginning on a Db, to Eb to Fmajor (a bVi, bVii, I thing), before playing the same two bars of F#min.

Listen to Cornleaus' Vision 2 here.

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Track 3, organ chords.

I wanted some drums in the

song, so I went with the heavily saturated timpani, though in this song the timpani does change notes a bit more often, which gives each hit a different sort of texture. I initially had added some weird 1/8th note hihat rhythm, which can be heard in Ver. 1 on the Soundcloud, but it sucked, and wasn't at all what I wanted. I found a simpler pattern, with a creepier, more breathy hihat sound, worked nicely to differentiate certain parts, but not overtake the track. I had the idea of each section having some slight variation, either the piano part (playing minor 2nds all over), or the bassoon, or Oboe, but in some way they all vary.

Hope you enjoy this song! While short, it's definitely the most layering I've done in a while. I think I'm gonna try and spend a minimum of two days per track, as it's worked nicely for the last two. Sometimes, it's fun (and good practice) to try and write a bunch of songs a day, but you can't beat putting in some more effort, lol.

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NICE SONG!! Sounds just like the card!!


hah, thanks! I thought it was kind of creepy, which is what I think a giant floating eyeball would elicit!


YES!! It was creepy like Psycho movie creepy- perfect for these Monsters! Love it!