'Retread' - New Original Music/Twenty Minute Songwriting Challenge! Electronic/Synthpop/Instrumental + Walkthrough!


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This is a tune from

a few days ago that I completely forgot to share. It's using the same synths from the 'Analog Dreams' set as a few other previous songs, but no drums. I initially did add a basic beat, but because a few of the synths have weird attacks (including the arpeggiated one), so I would've needed to really screw with the beat to get it to fit. I think, in the end, the lack of drums actually worked better, gives the song a much more interesting texture with all synths. Harmonically, the song is pretty cool too, as I had a little happy accident, which I'll get into below.

Listen to Retread here.

Track 1 provides the chords,

all arpeggiated. I began thinking I was going to write the song in Fminor, so the first chord has a low F, and plays a descending line on top from C, to Bb, to Ab, but then when I added a second chord, I accidentally made it an Aminor, instead of Abminor, which turned out to sound great, and really dark. I then built the tune from there, mostly working in Aminor, making the original Fminor just a cool, dissonant variation on the bVi (with the Bb and Ab giving it triple darkness, lol). Tracks 2 and 3 work together to provide our bassline. They both use the same synth, but Track 2's cutoff varies, to swell into things, while Track 3 stays static, providing a constant low-end.

Screenshot 20191114 20.42.01.png

Track 1, arpeggiated chords.
Listen to Retread here.

Screenshot 20191114 20.42.47.png

Track 5, described below.

Tracks 5 and 6 only play

during the second half of each repeated segment, playing mostly chord tones, but 2x as often as the bass changes, which just fills things in a little more. Our last two tracks, 7 and 8, provide some audio clips which are used to crescendo/swell/rise/whatever you want into each section, and halfway through, and provide some heavier accents as those parts begin.

I hope you enjoy the song! Thanks for listening!

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