'Retroinactivities (1.2)' - New Original Music - Expanding Yesterday's Song, Pt. 2 in the Series! Electronic/Synthpop/Instrumental + Walkthrough!

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Screenshot 20191113 20.27.47.png

As promised, I continued

to work on the song from yesterday, ironing out some of the kinks, and adding new things. Unfortunately, new things means new kinks to work on, so this'll probably be a three or four part series now, hehe. I expanded the length of the tune by almost 2x, as I felt like the heavy tom section ended far too early. It now builds up into an even bigger section, with some more drums and two new synths, then into a bit of break, before repeating the tom sections again and fading out.

Listen to Retroinactivities 1.2 here.

As far as the drums go,

there are now kicks on the 1 and 3 of every measure in the 2nd heavy-tom section (Blue in Track 3), plus some hihat accents there. Unfortunately in the break, I forgot to copy-pasta the drum fill at the end, so it's a little awkward transitioning back into the main portion. I think in general, all the transitional sections need some work, as there are some good ideas, but perhaps too much going on (synths, an 808, a rising pitch, etc). There are two new instruments, grouped together (under '11 Group'), which provide some upbeat accents in the 2nd heavy-tom section. The first of the two sticks to root notes, while the second (pictured below) harmonizes a bit.

Screenshot 20191113 20.28.07.png

Track 13, in '11 Group'.

Hope you like the changes thus far! It still has a ways to go, so stay tuned and we'll see what happens!

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