'Retroinactivities' - New Original Music/Beginnings of a Song, Pt. 1 in a Series! Electronic/Synthpop/Instrumental + Walkthrough!


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I was just screwing around

with some synths last night, and after an arpeggiator, thought it had a cool retro/80s sort of vibe, so I started to build up a tune. The song begins with a long buildup, which may be cut out, as it was mostly there just so I could here the various Cutoff changes on multiple sound systems via Soundcloud, which allows me to make some notes about what I want to change when I return home later in the day. The part with the heavy toms is great though, and will definitely be the crux of the tune as I continue working on it.

Listen to Retroinactivities here.

Tracks 1 and 5 both play

the progression shown below. Nothing crazy harmonically, just a straightforward diatonic progression in Bminor. Track 2 is our bass, which uses a heavy synth from the 'Analog Dreams' set (from NI). Tracks 3 and 4 are the toms, with Track 3 providing a basic, uneffected beat, and Track 4 the more wild part, with the changes in pitch that make it sound like a massive drumkit. Track 6 provides a little synth accents, which are not super audible, but blend nicely with Track 5. Finally, we have a bunch of audio clips for crescendos/swells, heavy impacts for accents, and an 808 that hits just before the heavy portion of the track..

Screenshot 20191112 20.42.32.png

Tracks 1 and 5, Arpeggiated Synths.
Listen to Retroinactivities here.

Screenshot 20191112 20.43.00.png

Track 2, Synth Bass.

I do think this needs some more layers, and the heavy part needs to happen more than 1 time through, so stay tuned, and let's see what this tune will become!

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