'The Order of the Silver Shield (Final Version)' - New Original Music - My Submission for Splinterland's Music/Lore Contest! Orchestral/Instrumental + Walkthrough!

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So this is the final version,

which is my submission for this week's contest, which you can check out here. I made a few little adjustments to the volume on certain instruments, and added a cymabl wash that helps crescendo us into certain sections (Track 11). It doesn't feel as fluid as I hoped, but alas, that's the only cymbal wash I have at the moment, and without it the songs felt a bit odd, so gotta roll with it.

Listen to The Order of the Silver Shield (Ver. 3) here.

If you didn't see the previous

posts, and want to check out how the song has evolved, you can view Part 1 here and Part 2 here. I think a few points towards the end (right after the break) get a little cluttered, but if I kept working on this, I felt that it wouldn't really get any better, and I'd reach my limit, haha. I've attached a screenshot below of the string part in Break, as I didn't include the chords yesterday, just mentioned them in the walkthrough.

Screenshot 20191111 20.28.49.png

Track 10, Break.

Again, check out the contest here and support the other contestants! Thanks for listening!

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