PONTEIO - Grooveria Challenge - Guitar Solo

8개월 전

In 1991 -1992 I attended the Musicians Institute in Hollywood and I made a lot of friends that year. After graduation everybody went their separate ways and many of my new friends lived in different countries. One of my friends was a drummer from Brazil. His name is Tuto Ferraz and he started a very famous group called Grooveria.

Over the years with the advancement of technology and social media Tuto and I were able to reconnect and keep in touch so over the past decade we have shared music, and we have been able to stay in close contact.

Grooveria just had their 20th year anniversary, and the other day I sent Tuto an Instagram message and noticed that Grooveria was having a challenge for their song Ponteio.

Tuto sent me the backing tracks without the guitar parts and I created my own guitar arrangement and solo for their beautiful song. It has great vocal harmonies and excellent chord changes, so I gave the challenge my best effort and made a smooth jazz guitar part for this awesome challenge.

Here is the video of me playing the song for the Grooveria challenge for their song Ponteio


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