The Bassman Boogie

2년 전

Here is a new instrumental track I just finished, hope you like it ... here goes ... and a one, and a two, and a ...

The Bassman Boogie

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ehy dear @guitarlots, you wrote a beautiful music, so lively and full of energy, like the water that makes us alive :-)) did you study music? how long does it take for a composition of this type? congratulations on your work and your curie rating


Hello @road2horizon thanks for your comment, and yes I did study music at the Guitar Institute of Technology from 1991-1992 when the tuition for the whole year was only $6000. A composition such as this requires about two good weeks of gradual track building usually always starting with the DR RHYTHM 770 for the basic first drum beat in order to keep the string instruments in time, then build layers starting with the guitar and finishing up last with the bass guitar. You will be surprised what you can create using an acoustic nylon string guitar, fender squire bass, and the drum machine. The recording software is protools 10 and I use an apollo twin by Universal Audio for all the plug ins and sound effects like reverb and EQ


damn! it's a whole world I don't know !! congratulations again and keep on :-D

Hi guitarlots,

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I liked the way music is combined with images.
Active music with water falls and then soft on the placid lake.
Congrats on a Curie vote!


I looked for some cool water shots for the music, thank you @ mariita52

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