Spotify and Stem ditches distribution program, Soundcloud tells artists to come join theirs.


I Dont Get It

Spotify just announced that they were offering a direct distribution program, then all of a sudden chooses to take it back. I guess after they found out that they were supposedly paying artists too much money, they took their ball and went home.

Stem did the same thing, ditching most of the artists on their program and choosing to only work with artists they prefer.

Soundcloud however, who just acquired Repost Network, is telling all the artists that got their distro kicked to the curb to join them instead. Soundcloud is really trying to re-brand. I think Repost Network can be good with them as they seem to really care about the artists they choose to work with.

I guess i'll take this news with a grain of salt

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So Soundcloud is becoming a Distribution, too?


Yeah with repost network

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Never heard of them.
Better than TuneCore,Distrokid...?

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