FUNDRAISING POST: Can You Spare An Upvote to Fund "The Musician's Guide to Steemit"?

5년 전

We are raising USD $2,700 for a decentralized, non-profit Steem Marketing project. Can you chip in?

All SBD proceeds from this post will go directly to the project fund held at @musiciansguide. Proof will be posted of the funds transfer in 8 days

The Musician’s Guide to Steemit is designed to do two things:

(1) Be the definitive guide that enables any musician to build an audience on Steemit, and,

(2) Increase the number of active musicians on Steem by 10x.

You can find the original post about this project here.

Here’s the first drafts of the Introduction, Chapter One, Chapter Three, and Chapter Four.

You can also see all these posts on our open source repository at Penflip.

This is the Penflip interface

To give you an idea of what we are raising funds for right now - here’s a brief list of roles we have to hire: Project Administrator, Graphic Artists, Cover Artist, Book Designer, Editor. (promotion will be Phase 2 with its own budget)

Here's a detailed list of jobs and pay rates showing exactly how the money will be spent (scroll towards the bottom).

And, best of all - each of these roles will be hired from WITHIN the Steem community. Not only will this money go towards marketing Steem, it’ll also go towards employing steemians. Double Whammy!

So far we have 50 SBD, or about $300USD, earmarked for the project. That leaves us with $2,400 left to raise.

How You Can Help

I’m asking you to do one of two things:

(1) Upvote and/or resteem this post. The vote in particular is a no-brainer, to be honest: It doesn’t cost you a thing and every cent goes directly towards bettering the Steem platform.

(2) Donate funds directly. If you want to go above and beyond in your support for this project, direct donations are greatly appreciated. All direct donors will receive Special Thanks in the book.

To donate funds, transfer them directly to @musiciansguide with "DONATION" in the memo. If you prefer, you can send donations directly to me @heymattsokol with the same "DONATION" memo and I'll send it to the Musician's Guide account along with photo proof in the comments.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask. We will do one of these fundraising posts each week until we reach our total goal of $2,700 raised.

this is a @sndbox project.

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I am a music fan ! Not a musician but a fan for sure ... 100 percent upvoted

I'm a recording artist let's see whatcha got :)

Steem is a phenomenal resource for musicians to empower their craft and simultaneously cultivate new audiences. This is a great project @heymattsokol, thanks for sharing and for pushing the envelope. Steem on.


Matt you have always been one of the most honest and good Steemians going. One of the joys for me and I always thank you for it..... is when you drop by one of my posts to drop a comment.

You are one of the good ones and if anyone newer to Steemit is reading this --- you can believe in Matt!

Solid stuff my man.


Very well said!!!
It’s an exciting project indeed Matt


Matt is one of the best Steemians ever Steeming, on the Steemit, out of all the Steemers.


-- so are you though!

I totally support this project as community man and a musician, I respect your efforts and where I can help I will.. reach out to me if you need help in any directions.. big up


thank you :-)

This is fantastic!

I am just about to start a more generic project - "How To Make A Living As An Independent Musician - A New VLOG / Blog" and I will be sure to read everything you are producing and help promote it.

My angle is more of a "big picture" on how musicians should utilise all platforms and Steemit is an obvious place to host it (I am a Steemit newbie!)

I also have over 2700 independent musicians registered on my website and I plan to promote Steemit via there too so the more information they have the better.

Loving Steemit!


Your project sounds cool as well! I'm gonna check out your main post and follow you.


Great! Good luck with the new project, your website looks quite ambitious. Followed ya.

This is the first I'm hearing about this project, but I'm really excited about it. Being a musician, I've found Steemit has been a great way to grow my audience and earn at the same time, which is, of course, THE KEY to being a musician - or any kind of artist - in this online age. I love that you started out with the #openmic in Chapter 1 - the things that @luzcypher and his associates have been doing there is truly phenomenal, not to mention @meno's Songwriter's Challenge (which I have been participating in.)

Your third chapter on meeting people & joining the community is also fantastic. The recommendations you make could be applied to any of the subcommunities on Steemit. I'm surprised that you don't put more emphasis on Discord, though, being that there's an entire server for steemit musicians now (Steemit Music Alliance).

I'll be resteeming this post and I'd love to help in whatever way I can.


Good call on the discord thing, I should put more emphasis there. Perhaps there could be an entire Appendix to the book that details the various discord groups that are relevant to musicians, there's a ton of info about that.

Thank you for the resteem!

It would be great to have you be a proofreader / feedback-giver for the book after it reaches the "beta" stage and it's all complete, it sounds like you have given a lot of thought to this. If that interests you I can add you to the list of potential people (its a paid role btw)


No problem on the resteem. And yeah of course dude, I'd love to! Are you on discord? Let's talk more about it. My name is the same there as it is here, ausxen


Steemit Chat is better for me, I joined too many discord channels and it got overwhelming lol


blahh fine back to Steemit Chat I go


Oh also if you havent already seen this, @djlethalskillz has a pretty good repository of info already on being a steemit musician

This sounds great! As a flutist and writer myself (a bit of a two-timer, if you will), I'm excited to see where this will go. Best of luck to you all, and take my upvote!


@heymattsokol awesome idea im a steemian sax player freestylist only been here for two weeks and looking to plug into anything like this good job :)

Damn homie! Crushing the fundraiser post! I’ve already found the first chapters you posted like tangibly, immediatey useful. Glad to see it getting some love!


Awesome!! So glad those first chapters have helped. I'm feeling optimistic about this project :-D

Upvoted and resteemed. Nice initiative Matt.

One of my goals for 2018 is to build a greater audience. When I set out to do it at the end of 2017, I was thinking of the 'traditional' socials like FB or Insta but then I discovered steemit, voise, aurovine, musicoin - and I'm hooked! Feel like Marco Polo at the moment though :) Thumbs up for the effort. Resteemed your post!

Good one Matt!!! Yours @mammasitta :)

Can't wait to have this as a resource. Thanks for your hard work!


You got it Ben

As an artist I'm definately intrigued about what y'all have to say about maneuvering in this space.

This looks really exciting. I joined Steem yesterday and am finding my way around. I did a search for 'Music' and found this post. The platform could just change my world. Thanks for putting this out there.


Cool cool welcome aboard @camuel

You are great Matt.


Thanks Barry!

This is totally awesome and def deserving of an upvote! Keep up the great work.

Hello, thank you! I am new to Steemit and have been hoping for this type of resource to get me started into looking into this resource as a platform for sharing and releasing my music (once I finish recording it haha).


Great I hope you do, it's a great place. Check out Open Mic Challenge as a place to start

What i rithym super bro keep it up beautifully written post

Music is the gateway to the soul ... UPVOTE done! Cant wait to see it...


i enjoy your post! thanks

Great Idea. Just resteemed this.


Great post ijust upvoted tnx for the sharing upvote me if you can plz steemit all the way


Can you check my post . Give a note ? Thanks

I could... but I'm Muted...

Nic post

what is this guide


Hi sir your articles are very interesting good going best of luck. I am following to u and your articles. I am new to steemit plz help me.

upvoted and resteemed. looking forward for the success of this project.

great initiative! 👌🏽

Hi. Have you looked at doing any offline community promotion at SxSW in Austin. It seems like a great event the steemit community should be a part of as it combines a Tech conference with Film and Music. The Music event is what attracts people from all over the world. If there is interest in organizing such an offline event point me in the direction of who to talk to.


Nah I have never been to SxSW

This is a fantastic project, and I am happy to support it with my upvote and a resteem.

You wrote an interesting story, Two thumbs up for you!

I'll do what I can. Gave a 100% upvote even though I'm not really worth much. Musicians need better tools for monetizing via multiple channels and Steemit / dsound is a drastically underutilized one. Hope my contribution helps!


Thank you!

Hell yea. Upped. Now put ME on the recipient list hahahah!

Great! I'm a musician too. Somehow I'll be there with you.