Videos to remember, covers with strings and voice Extraordinary! / Videos para recordar, covers con cuerdas y voz ¡Extraordinario!

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This was something unforgettable for my life, seeing these videos again took me to that place and time when we were playing these covers in this great way.

I remember very well that before we started to play and record this, we all thought that it would not please the public, the surprise was that in full recording they were already waiting for us outside the room to congratulate and applaud us for that.

So here I leave you these two short videos where this time I was playing my instrument with my brother on the bass, and all the other teammates.


Esto fue algo inolvidable para mi vida, volver a ver estos videos hizo que me transportara a ese lugar y hora cuando estabamos tocando estos cover de esta gran manera.

Recuerdo muy bien que antes de empezar a tocar y grabar esto todos pensábamos que no iba a agradar al publico, la sorpresa fue que en plena grabación ya nos esperaban afuera del salón para felicitarnos y aplaudirnos por eso.

Así que aquí les dejo estos dos cortos videos donde esta vez si estaba tocando mi instrumento junto a mi hermano en el bajo, y todos los demás compañeros.

Contigo en la distancia, Cuerdas y Voz, Bolero

Creo en ti, Reik, cover Cuerdas y Voz

Thank you very much, thank you, I am surprised and at the same time not so much, why? because I know that this community is large and not only in number or innovation, I speak more than anything that here in steemit I have obtained that support, people who admire your work, who believe in them, who make you special, more than a hand Friend, they are a true community, the great steemit community.

I want to do this post to thank everyone who has communicated with me, collaborated, written, commented and voted on the previous posts about my request, those great users and communities that in minutes put their hand to help.

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@theluvbug @alliedforces @c-squared @tipu @curie @therising @minnowbooster @isaria and many more who are giving their hand to help me...

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A difficulty and a request from the heart to this great communityA difficulty and a request from the heart to this great community
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A difficulty and a request from the heart to this great community, thanks to those who help my cause!$7.58 Support so far

Thank you very much...

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