AFK-ing and Finding True North Again

2개월 전

Been AFK for a few days, as I was enjoying a weekend at the beach while attending a music festival. It seems a lot of my recent posts are about music, which I guess is only appropriate. It's a big thing for me.
These past few days were a much needed break from anything technology and writing - related, and I'm really glad I took it. Got a nice tan in the process, as well, and managed not to burn my skin too bad this time. Yay.
It was also an awakening of sorts. It was my first time at this particular festival and it was truly unique, once in a lifetime. The first night I was there, I saw my favorite band play until about 3 AM and it was like finding true north again. Like you're desperately looking for something and then, you find it. Almost by accident.

Made me realize I need more moments like this. Anyway, I hope your weekend's been good too.

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Hey, welcome back then!
It feels so good to be away from technology every once in a while, it makes you wonder what is it that keeps us so dependent on it.

Anyway, I think I know the feeling and I'm happy for you. For me, it's always been about understanding what I'm looking for, more than finding it. I guess this kinda relates to what we were saying about understanding others but not ourselves. But I remember I had a similar epiphany during a Maybeshewill concert. (Too bad they split up.)

PS: What about this festival? Now I'm curious! Anyone I might know? Anyone I should know?


Didn't know Maybeshewill, but from what I hear online, they sound pretty awesome.
Hmm it's almost exclusively Romanian bands, so don't know if you'd be interested. I will link two of my favorites, as they have great sound (besides the lyrics which are pure poetry) ~

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Well I like the genre, but not understanding a word of what they're saying is kind of a bummer. I love the atmospheres though, I can see why you're into them, especially Alternosfera!


Yeah, I get that :) but since you asked...
And yes, AS are my favorites too. They're that true north thing for me.

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