Song of the Day - Live Improv Set (RA Sessions) by Karenn

2년 전

Can I make a live set with no song titles my Song of the Day?

Yes, yes I can. They are my rules.

Ok, so I’ve been gone a bit. Today I re-wired my studio and preped myself for the arrival of my first foray into Eurorack modular later this week (more to come on that). All the while I was feeling pretty inspired by this. Karenn put out one of my favorite albums of last year and this set shows a hint as to why. It’s always just on the verge of getting out of control and I love it.

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Hahahaha, yeah, a bit out of control...almost :) Certainly some nice tracks in this live set. Sometimes a bit too screamy for me. But I wouldn't run away when they perform.