Steemit Musicians with Krystle, Isaria, and Shane! // Msp-Waves Radio // 30 SBD Prize!

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Steemit Musicians with Krystle, Isaria, and Shane! // Msp-Waves Radio // 30 SBD Prize!

Join me, @krystle, and @swelker101 on MSP-Waves Radio this Sunday night as we play the Top 5 Judge's pics from the weekly Steemit Open Mic Contest.

I'm so grateful to have the opportunity to promote our extremely talented Steemian musicians every week along with Krystle and Shane.

Each week there are more and more amazing musicians entering the Steemit Open Mic Contest. I don’t know how the judges are able to narrow it down to just a few winners!

We have also increased our prize to 30 SBD to be split between 3 Open Mic winners who will be chosen by our live audience!

Steemit Musicians Top 3 Winners!!!

First Place

ORIGINAL SONG: "My Dream" by @julianroso

Second Place

September ( Earth , Wind and Fire) cover song feat. Gabriel Garcia. by @pechichemena

Third Place

Want You (Original Song) by @kendramoriah

Steemit Musicians Episode 13 Audio

Here are the other great Open Mic Performances that we played during Episode 13

DAN SHAW - Super Right (Original song by @edenmichelle)

Wild World - Mr. Big (Cover) by @rial17

Stay with me_ Sam smith by @justinzidi

Cover of One Call Away by @marcusings

Thanks to the Steemit Open Mic organizers @luzcypher and @pfunk and the judges @krystle, @soundlegion, @jessamynorchard, @passion-ground, and @verbal-d for helping musicians every week!

Also, thanks to @ausbitbank, @krystle, and @swelker101 for their weekly SBD prize donations!

Please join us for Episode 14 of Steemit Musicians this Sunday night 6-7pm CST/ 12-1 UTC!

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You can listen live at the mspwaves website-
You can listen on twitch-
You can join broadcast hosts in a special chat room on the MSP Discord Channel:
You can check out for more information

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What an amazing contest and post of quality!!! Thank you for all you are doing for us all here. Brilliant work all together. Keep it up, as much as you may: This has to be a LOAD of work...

Namaste :)


It was indeed an amazing post @eric-boucher. I like music. It made me ease stress. And of course its for the steemit community. Well done.


Hi @isaria, do you have a platform for digital music creators? I'm a vj (all my own visual content), dj and create my own tracks. I can't seem to find anyone supporting this kind of content. I'm going to start my own weekly post for this content and I hope to extend them into mixes of different artists, So if anyone else out there like me want to help collaborate on this? And if anyone is interested in what i'm putting out there check this out, it's is less then a minute, great for people with short attention span like me.

Music is the weapon,music is the world..pls let it flow again and again..I can never miss it for once.kudos!!

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Nice to see musicians that has not been mainsteamed yet. I mean, Steemit especially @msp-waves has been promoting great artists that is not known by everyone. And through Steemit they were being recognized. Great work @isaria.. I'm looking forward to join one day.

incredible contest, I am very supportive, congratulations for the steemian who will win this amazing contest, thank you for sharing this good news

I love this! I will be tuning in, and I'd love to submit for the next one! :)

Great thing happening. I can't miss it this sunday for anything, Thanks for the information

Julian Roso- My dream is amazing , good to hear this song, i like this ;)

Thank you so much @isaria for choosin' my entry as one of your playlists for episode 14 of Steemit Musicians. I'm so glad...

Great selections, guys - You ROCK!

Wow you guys all were awesome cu doss to you all am happy for you guys.
specially to @julianroso and @kendramoriah you guys did amazingly awesome.

dear it is great post and i am also ner here want your some attention kindly support me,,,,, i will be your thankful thanks..

Thank you very much @isaria , @krystle and @swelker101 for this mention! I really appreciate it ! Once I'm back in Buenos Aires I will be joining in discord more often ! love what you all do and can't thank you enough for the support you are giving us musicians :) .

I love music