Comfortably Numb Original Versus Cover

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Many weeks have past since I've last posted an Original versus Cover post and I felt that one was long overdue. The song Comfortably Numb immediately came to mind but I don't recall ever hearing it be covered. I did a quick search and found about 14 covers. The one that immediately resonated with me was a cover done by Dream Theater. Much to my surprise, upon clicking on the YouTube link they were performing it live with Queensryche who is my all time favorite band. How had I never heard this before? I must admit I probably got a little over-excited.

Anyhow, I present for your listening pleasure Pink Floyd's Comfortably Numb. Released as part of the famous concept album "The Wall" in 1989 this song has become a classic.

Pink Floyd original version from the album The Wall:

Dream Theater / Queensryche live performance:

Pink Floyd live version:

I can barely contain my excitement having found this hidden gem (for me anyway) in the form of two great prog metal bands covering this brilliant song. In the Dream Theater / Queensryche version there was a noticeable flub in vocals near the beginning by vocalist James LaBrie and some lead guitar masturbation by lead guitarist John Petrucci on the second solo but in my opinion, this adds some luster to the performance. There is another version performed by both bands a few years later which is a better performance but I used this one simply for these imperfections.

I also posted a live version from early Pink Floyd which is overdubbed (a live audio performance dubbed over a live visual performance) which together equal an incredible performance.

Simply put my vote goes to the Dream Theater / Queensryche version because it was such an incredible find for me. But make no bones about it I do love me some Pink Floyd.

Check out my YouTube channel at Joe Breheny for some originals and covers of my own.

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