First Guitar Cover: Can't Help Falling In Love - Fingerstyle Version

4년 전

This is my first ever guitar cover and I really hope you will enjoy watching and listening my first cover. Playing guitar is one of my past time if I have a free time. I started to play guitar since when I was a fourth year high school. If you want the tabs if this fingerstyle that I play please let me know in the comment section.

I hope there will be a musician that will notice my cover and will give a feedback and advice about my cover.

Thank you so much for taking time to listened and watched my first ever guitar cover and I hope you enjoy.

More Power and Godbless,

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It can't be argued that music is indeed, LIFE


yea you're right

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Wow you have a great talent and youre so handsome unfairness.


But you are more handsome sir because I've heard that lot of girls in your school has a crush on you.

Nice play dude.Cebuanos are really great musicians and singers too.:)


Thank you so much dude.


You've played that piece so nicely and so very clean play .:)

wow amazing, i like the music you play, it's so amazing.