Acoustic Cover Therapy - "Not Mine"

2개월 전

Hi Steemit Friends! I hope everyone is staying healthy and doing as best they can during these odd times we're having. Just wanted to share a quick acoustic cover I recorded awhile back, out of boredom and the need to feel something other than anxious ;)

Here's my simple cover of "Not Mine" originally by the amazing sister trio, Joseph.

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Houston, we found a new artist for the world-famous contest Music For Steem! Please call back!

Woow @kjablonski that was very very good! We can NOT wait to see you enter the contest Music For Steem!!
Check @musicforsteem / or drop a comment if you have any questions!

Thanks for the music!


I second that notion! Great job finding this amazing artist MFS!


Thank you for watching! And also for the invitation to join ;)

Welcome back girl!! Thanks you are WOW!


HI! Thank you :)

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Wow!!! You're a very talented woman! I became lost in listening to you sing. You have a powerful voice that cuts deep in the right spots, and you know how to play that guitar well!
We would love to see you participate in #musicforsteem!


Thank you for saying so! ;)