Me vas a extrañar! A casual but masterful interpretation that I could not pass up. - Lauraoficial02.

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Me vas a extrañar! I really could not select any other because there is not one that compares.
This song despite not being very popular, despite not being the one that everyone sings and knows is one that inspires, one that bristles the skin.

Describing endless emotions.

I accidentally stumbled across this song on the web and could not be more stunned, I received a blow when I realized that the song felt exactly like the words I wanted to say, it sounded like what my voice wanted to sing but without having found before words. Even the melody was exactly like the flow I expected.

Love is surely not as easy as we usually believe; I liked to think, however, that I preferred to give everything, just risk for love and if it was a blessing, it would be my fortune, if it was a tragedy, I could not help it. Yes, according to me, it was the best way to act. But was it so easy to do this? Not as much as I thought it was. The farther away in the shipwreck they call love, then you get to dive through a completely unknown state, filling yourself with incomprehensible changes and that in itself, is something natural because it is unbelievable to believe that each day we will be equal to the previous one, however, love , has the power to not only advance those changes, but to make them more unpredictable.


Carolina ross

Your version of this song is simply the most adored and that's why I'm playing it this time. Honestly I am completely in love with his voice and his expressive and smiling way that does not go in anything to match this sentimental song but still produces such a feeling of warmth.

My own version

My focus on the interpretation was quite different, with a focus on keeping my spirit rather and without approaching the resemblance to the singer so much, trying to give it a more passionate and empowered touch.

Going up.

Regardless if we fall one, two, three, ten or twenty times, we must keep trying, not ignoring the difficulty or pretending it is not difficult, but accepting it and accepting YOUR ability to overcome it and as incredible as it seems to achieve and overcome the difficulty, get it.

It has happened to me and here I am with you, simplified, trying to give you a good content and the best aspect of my voice, without worrying about doing 10 minutes of reading, but 5 of what I really want to convey to you.

Everyone is capable.

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Versión español!! ♥

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