We do not value until we lose. How true is it? Like I'm gonna lose you - LauraOficial02 ♥ (Cover)

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Good night Everybody!

With you
Like I'm gonna lose you"

¡I hope you all are okay! This time in the art of love, I tried to give the best in my interpretation of this song, which is totally dedicated to love and conveys a message that can only be described as beautiful.

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Actually the song is based on this, there is an invisible importance in the moments and people although sometimes we do not know, yes, it is, always is. If it is there, then what happens? That we forgot it; many people, couples, family, friends, etc. They forget in reality that they have something that cost to build or something that is very valuable because it has simply always been there.

The feeling of lost.

So is!

The lyrics tell us that when we wake up from a dream where "that" That we love so much, is not there, life loses its shine.

Although ironic the fact that;

You value what you have, when you lose.

Be so real that it even causes a little pain.

I woke up in tears
With you by my side
A breath of relief
And I realized
No, we're not promised tomorrow

So I'm going to love you
Like I'm going to lose you
I'm going to hold you
Like I'm saying goodbye
Wherever we're standing
I won't take you for granted
Because we'll never know when
When we'll run out of time
So I'm going to love you
Like I'm going to lose you
I'm going to love you
Like I'm going to lose you

Let's take a look at this small portion of the letter.

From my point of view, this is the most interesting part for me, because it is the one that I consider most true; In life and in love we have to give value every day to the things we have, remember that we, as humans, are intelligent but simple beings, one day we can be and the other can not and we can not talk about ourselves because we vainly remember that the Our neighbor can also be there one day and tomorrow we do not know.

The most valuable

It is and always will be love, but remember that it is also exhausted, as life and as all of us, so, I invite you, I invite you to love and love each day. There is no greater motivation than knowing that we live one day at a time, we do not live 10 or 20 years, life is long if we see 100 years, but extremely short if we remember that we live only one day, one at a time.

I invite you! I invite you to sing with strength, to dance with enthusiasm, to laugh without sorrow, to play as children and to love with madness.

Because it's the only thing worth it.

Thank you John Legend Meghan Trainor

For this wonderful song, for its wonderful interpretation, for this INCREDIBLE lyrics and for all the effort!

Going up.

Regardless if we fall one, two, three, ten or twenty times, we must keep trying, not ignoring the difficulty or pretending it is not difficult, but accepting it and accepting YOUR ability to overcome it and as incredible as it seems to achieve and overcome the difficulty, get it .

It has happened to me and here I am with you, simplified, trying to give you a good content and the best aspect of my voice, without worrying about doing 10 minutes of reading, but 5 of what I really want to convey to you.

Everyone is capable.

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Versión español!!! ♥

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