Bob Marley - could you be loved Cover. LFT Studio

4년 전

Hi Steemit !

For this mix we wanted to be as close as possible of the original song, it only miss the synth because we didn't have a piano player available in our line up. The video clip was made at the lake of Louvain-la-neuve in Belgium.

"Could you be loved" probably is our favourite because it tells that we need to learn to let ourselves be loved by Jah/Mother Nature/Everything (call what created us the way you want). He also warned people against school and what he called "Babylon" : systems that want to rearrange you to fit on their goal. As he says : we've got a life to live.

Love would Never leave us Alone.

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Yeaaah des Belges sur steemit ! Bonne continuation !!


Yep, en concert à Charleroi au Rockerill le 27 juillet, voilà notre facebook si tu veux te tenir au courant :) à bientôt

Big up :D

say something could you be loved


could you be, could you be could you be loved (8)

Awesome cover of a great song !

Great cover!


thank you :) Next post will be a composition :)

kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk ficou muito ruim! kkkkkk


Glad you like it !