ORIGINAL MUSIC VIDEO : Couilles bleues, french humouristic song about sexuality

4년 전

Hello Steemit, we are La Force Tranquille, a belgian music band and today we present to you our latest video.

In this music we wanted to speak with humour about a problem that unfortunately happens to many man at least once in our life. You know, sometimes you're with a lady and you think everythink is allright, that you're going to have a crazy night with that beautiful creature ... your desire grows untill you're about to jizz ! And then for a random reason the lady just stops what you have planed ...
Then you can feel some pain in your balls, maybe it's even hard to move now.
That's what that song is about, couilles bleues literally means "blue balls" in English.

Thanks for upvote and resteem if you liked this personnal song we offer you,
Please let us know if you had lived a similar experience in the past, will be great to read you.
Don't forget, we are together mates !
See you at the next episode ;)

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wow it's very hot and fantastick