Gig for Robbie

3년 전

Noel Bridgeman's Drummers for Robbie Brennan.

Gig for Robbie Brennan, Olympia Theatre Dublin September 2016.

Former Skid Row and Philip Lynott man Robbie Brennan was one of the greatest drummers ever to whack a snare in Ireland and in his distinguished career played with some of the country’s best outfits including Philip Lynott’s Grand Slam, Auto Da Fé, Scullion, Hotfoot, The Fleadh Cowboys and loads more –

Leading the drummers is Audrey Bridgeman, Noel's daughter.

Left to right: Dave Gaynor, Kevin Malone, Noel Bridgeman, Audrey Bridgeman, Paul McAteer, Sean O'Reilly & Des Lacey.

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