Song of the Day (11/12/2018) M.anifest X Kwesi Arthur -Feels

2년 전

Lyrics of the song:
Oh Lord
Ewurade Yesu Jesus Christ

Verse 1 [m.anifest]
From Babylon to Bimbilla
ƐkyƐ na adwo nti ye gyiga
No roadmaps when I wrote raps
Now I’ve become leader
I go realer I'm a cold fella
Won't stop till I hit Coachella
Nightmares when I was a no name
Now we living the dream seen
Overpaid my dues guy
Turned pineapples into blue skies
Man like Worla say we booze high
(On jet planes we cruise high cruise high)
SƐ wo nim adwuma ah, wo nsuro broni
So impossible is toli
Painting the pictures of winters I went Thru
Why nobody told me
Now I gotta switch the pace up
The road has been rocky, asap
Now I know royalties, ASCAP
My kid getting grown now, facts
No be sey I no dey like you
Just be sey I'm not like you
Off the charts with my I.Q
Nigga with an attitude on that Ice Cube

Hook [Kwesi Arthur]

Oh Lord what a feeling
I be good
No stress, hands up to the ceiling
That be the mood
If you know where we coming from
If you know where we coming from
If you know what we had to see
If you know what we had to be
I be good
You go know I be good
Ye ye ye ye

Verse 2 [M.anifest]
Feeling good feeling great
Dinner for winners served on my plate
Sinner man eating a cinnamon bun
Chase it with palmie then sipping on rum
Industry shady we rip and we run
Holding my pen is like gripping a gun
Having fun while making funds… jheez
Tribulations I've been thru
Jubilation is past due
I'm nuts so these cashews I squeeze and I make juice
Yeah I breakthrough
Examine my life I get all A's
2016 won a court case
An atheist told me God dey
My success now is just foreplay
[See] Making something from nothing is something I will never take it for granted
[look] These bars and these hooks I could turn to a book, the seed has been planted
I was lost in the wind
Turned a loss to a win
Now my eyes close and I bear my soul and sing

Have a nice time with the song. #African made

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