Music Heart: a Lovely song

4년 전

Hi Everyone,

I couldn’t blog anymore because my laptop broke down a few days. Lucky everything is back to normal and everything works how it should be.

A few days ago my mom almost felt over something and I was standing by the stairs and she grabbed me what almost made me fell down the stairs. I had a fast reaction and we didn’t fall. I’m glad my mom didn’t fell and that she’s okay.

But the only problem now is that I hurt my neck and left shoulder. The muscles hurt and got a clap on it. So that has to heal and because of that practicing my violin hurts like hell now. I still need to practice but I’m not able to play the violin for long. It’s just one step back but it motivates me to go on.

I always say that I love Lindsey Stirling and that I love her way of playing the violin. So much. I love the violin and I love pirate songs. So when I was listening to the violin, this song came on. I really loved it. I will put the video right below. It is from an artist Taylor Davis. I don’t own this video.

But I love the sound of the violin and I’m also trying to learn how to play the song myself.
Can’t wait till I can play the songs with my heart. But it’s already so much fun to see how far I’m already am. I already had my fist performance and my first ensemble. All that and I just started to play the violin about 4/5 months ago. So yeah never give up a Dream Because you can do it. As long as you really want is and work for it to achieve it.

Enjoy this song. –xxx-

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