How Solfeggio Frequencies Work


Solfeggio frequencies refer to a group of frequencies known to have regenerative and healing properties on the mind and body. So how do Solfeggio frequencies work?

Literally, everything in the universe is vibrating and vibrations influence everything. After all, we’ve all experienced good or bad vibrations in our daily lives. Feeling good or bad, healthy or ill, has a lot to do with the vibrations you immerse yourself in.

Science has proven we are what we eat. And as it turns out, we are what we resonate with as well. Just as we can choose to eat healthier foods we can choose to consume healthier frequencies.

Studies on the effects of sound frequencies on living organisms by biochemist Dr. Glen Rein and how frequency vibrations affect water by Masaru Emoto are fascinating and a bit controversial. We’ll get into those studies in due time. I think we can all agree that sounds do have an influence on our mental state.

Why these frequencies?

Western Christianity, Eastern Indian religions, Gregorian Monks, and ancient Indian Sanskrit chants all used Solfeggio frequencies.

Back in 1952 German physicist, Winfried Otto Schumann discovered the Earth resonates with the ionosphere at a low frequency ranging between 7.86 Hz to 8 Hz. Solfeggio frequencies have a direct relationship to the Earth’s heartbeat, called the Schumann resonance.

8 Hz is also the replication frequency of human DNA and the working frequency of the DMT molecule, a substance produced by our pineal gland. Coincidence? I don’t think so. And if that’s not enough to get you thinking, 8 Hz is the working rhythm of the alpha waves of our brain to which the two hemispheres of our brain work together.

Herbert Konig took Schumann’s research a step further by comparing EEG recordings with the Earth’s electromagnetic fields and found a connection between the Schumann resonances and various levels of human brain activity that naturally occur during daily human activities. Everything from sleeping to creating to learning has a brainwave state frequency we now know as delta, theta, alpha, beta, and gamma.

How do these frequencies affect our state of mind?

Every activity you do creates a brainwave frequency conducive to that activity through a process known as brainwave entrainment. Brainwave entrainment is a fancy way of saying that things that vibrate tend to cause the things around them to vibrate at the same frequency. In fact, when our brain waves vibrate at similar frequencies to those around us we feel a connection with those people or with that shared activity.

For example, take the Alpha state which resonates at around 8-10 Hz and is just below the normal waking state of Beta (11-25 Hz). When we’re in the Alpha state our brain activity slows. Our mind and body feel relaxed and highly focused. We can easily process information consciously without as much “mental activity” to interfere with it.

Alpha waves strengthen links between the conscious and subconscious mind, meaning that while you’re consciously learning, you’re also unconsciously processing what you’re learning. In the Alpha state, the mind can easily assimilate what it is perceiving with more clarity.

That’s why when you go to a library or to study in a classroom they ask you to be quiet so people can reach an Alpha state to focus more easily. Stepping in from a busy, noisy city street into a library takes you a few minutes to settle down into the Alpha state.

How do Solfeggio frequencies work?

Solfeggio frequencies work by getting your mind and body to match the frequency you’re listening to. Your breathing will slow down (or speed up depending on the frequency) as would your heartbeat, your pupils would dilate, and pulse and blood pressure would drop.

We can influence our brainwaves and the physiology that goes with it by using Solfeggio frequencies to work our brainwaves.

Why Solfeggio frequencies of healing produce more positive effects on the body than any other sounds or tones.

Have you ever heard musicians playing instruments that are out of tune? It makes you cringe, right? But when they are in tune with each other we experience harmony. Solfeggio frequencies work like the tuning of an instrument by tuning ourselves to be in harmony.

Imagine two pianos perfectly tuned to each other. Striking a note on one piano causes the second piano’s string to vibrate on that same note. That’s entrainment. Immersing ourselves in Solfeggio frequencies work in tune with the Earth.

As I mentioned earlier, the Earth’s heartbeat resonates at around 8 Hz matching five different brainwave states: delta, theta, alpha, beta, and gamma.

The basic Solfeggio frequencies include six different tones, but there are more. Here’s a brief look at 9 frequencies and their unique healing effects on the body and mind.

The benefits of the different Solfeggio frequencies

Root Chakras

174 Hz – a natural anesthetic. Removes pain physically, energetically as well as karmic energy. 174 Hz frequency gives your organs a sense of security, safety, and love, motivating them to do their best.

285 Hz – This tone is useful when treating wounds, cuts, burns, or any other form of damaged tissue. Return cells to their original form. Restructure damaged organs. 285 Hz is about remembering and healing you, your internal organs, and your energy.

396 Hz – Remove subconscious fears, worries, and anxiety. Eliminate feelings of guilt and subconscious negative beliefs blocking the path to achieving personal goals.

Sacral Chakra

417Hz – Cleanses traumatic experiences and clears destructive influences of past events. Encourages the cell and its DNA to function in an optimal way. 417 Hz frequency energizes your body cells and helps to use their creative potentials.

432 Hz – Heightens perception, increases the mental clarity and unlocks intuition. Reduces anxiety, lowers the heart rate, and blood pressure. In addition, it encourages synchronicity between both brain hemispheres, increasing intuition, insight, and creativity.

Solar Plexus Chakra

528 Hz – Ability to heal and repair the body. Reduces stress in the endocrine systems and autonomic nervous systems—even after a mere five minutes of listening. Ideal background music any time you feel under the weather or simply need to unwind.

Heart Chakra

639 HzOpens the heart chakra and enables harmonious interpersonal relationships. Enhances communication, understanding, tolerance, and love. Used for communication with parallel worlds or spiritual spheres, or with the Spirit or the non-vibrational energies of the spiritual world. It will enable you to experience Oneness – our true nature.

Throat Chakra

741 Hz - Solfeggio 741 Hz is associated with communication and self-expression. Underactive chakra makes us feel shy and we are thus not able to express our thoughts and emotions properly. if this chakra is overactive, we tend to speak too much. Often times we feel that we are misunderstood. Balancing the throat chakra regulates the flow of hormones and helps us in speaking our inner truth. We do not try to hide or manipulate our words. We are confident in letting others know about our deepest desires.

Third Eye Chakra

852 Hz – Solfeggio 852 Hz is directly connected to the third eye chakra. Used for awakening inner strength & self-realization. It is good for dissolving stagnate mental energy from over-thinking.

Crown Chakra

963 Hz – This tone awakens any system to its original, perfect state. Known as The God Frequency. it’s connected with Light and all-embracing Spirit enabling direct experience and a return to Oneness. This frequency re-connects you with the Spirit or the non-vibrational energies of the spiritual world. It will enable you to experience Oneness – our true nature.

963 HZ AWAKEN THE PERFECT STATE - 963 Hz The God Frequency Open Crown Chakra

How to start

To benefit from Solfeggio frequencies it’s really simple. Think of it like this. If you want to get a tan you have to get in the sun. If you want to to get healthy you have to eat right and stay active. And if you want to resonate with positive vibrations in tune with the Earth you need to expose yourself to the right vibrations.

All you really have to do is start listening to healthy frequencies that resonate with the Earth and you’ll start to vibrate at those frequencies too.

That being said, Solfeggio frequencies are often used to meditate or do yoga. but they can be listened to like any other music.

However, One word of caution though. You don’t want to listen to any frequency that puts you into a Delta brainwave state while driving. (between 0.5 and 4 hertz)

Delta waves suspend external awareness and are generated in the deepest meditation and dreamless sleep. Binaural beats can put you in that state too, so, no driving or operating heavy machinery while in Delta.

Solfeggio frequencies can be combined with binaural beats. Binaural beats are an entirely different thing. You’re hearing two tones, one in each ear, that are slightly different in frequency, and your brain processes a beat at the difference of the frequencies. We’ll get into binaural beats in another post.

For a deep dive into how the Solfeggio frequencies were discovered and how they relate to the Earth and universe watch Sonic Geometry: The Language of Frequency and Form by Alanna Luna. This video will appeal to you math nerds and will blow your mind.

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