Jam #21 - Music Made for Steemit

3년 전

Jam #21 - Music Made for Steemit
Spur of the moment jam. So I did this in the few minutes I had today and am just getting around to posting so...Posting and running to the gig now. Enjoy!

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yesss ! digging that fretless ! is it a Fender or you put it together yourself?


say brother, yes it's a fender. I had to get a new neck bc I wore out the other one. I actually took the frets out and after a while of round wounds from back in the day, it ate through the wood and started to buzz against the pearle inlay :-) so I got another neck for xmas at the time. Doesn't it sound great though? I love it. I also have a 76 3 bolt jazz fretted. Thanks for the comment bro, all is well, Mark


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