A music track made entirely with everyday sounds !


Have you ever paid attention to the common sounds around you? Some are actually quite musical!  

I explored some of these sounds by walking around the house with a microphone. And from the resulting samples, I produced a little track . I decided to document this little exercise in video!

In the video, I present the original sounds of the little music track and show you how I treated some of them in Propellerhead's  Reason to make them more musical: Like how I generated a riser from a percussive sound, how I fabricated a Synth sound with a beer glass and how the railing of my home's stairs provides a great base for a tribal bass!

Enjoy the musical Voyage!

Hello, I’m @muphy (see intro post),

My life revolves around
music production, teaching sciences, and discovery through travel.

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Hi muphy,

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Dear @muphy
I always believed that life is based on music (while some thinks music is based on math!). I just listen to a heart beat, and if the rhythm and harmony doesn't sound good, I consider it a problematic one!
Breathing in and out, if somethings happen, the music will change!
I really enjoyed watching your video...
It's really inspiring not only on musical side, in a greater image, we should always pay attention to our surroundings... lots of incredible things are happening every sec, but we miss it, because some of us are looking for a big bang!
I think I'll go to find some sound in my life!
Thanks for sharing this inspiring video.

Happy to meet you Sir, Nice to know your brief interest about you. There is no limit for people to be creative and I must say that every creative attempt to be appreciated and especially on music. Not every one can be so involved with Music. and only very few people can make music with its rhythm and notes.

So I loved this special type of music. Very good attempt in making a change. But one thing I want to share you that as kids we also tried to make music in home by using kitchen utensils and other similar stuffs such that there was enough scolding by Mom... haha good old days..

Have a nice day..Cheers