Buddha Bar Blues

2년 전

Hello Steemians! 

Again, I have been absent quite a while from my favorite platform, because I am currently in “musician marketing phase”:  rebuilding my website from scratch, publishing new tracks, getting up to date with social networks that I have kind of forgotten, building new pages, producing music video, promotional or artistic, communicating my brand (Synaptic-Machines) etc…  

I have about 90 tracks out there, bringing me cash monthly but they are only visible to businesses. A while ago, one of my friends, that enjoys what I do, told me it was such a waste: I should publish stuff more publicly so everyone can actually enjoy the music! A large task, for which I need to be in the mood. And it has been a month now that I am in such a mood...   

So, here we go, a first excerpt called "Bhudda Bar Blues", from an upcoming royalty free album "A World of Electro - Chill Out Music Vol. 1".  "Bhudda Bar Blues" is a soothing background lounge music with a touch of jazz. Check the music video:

If you listen carefully, many details come to life, making this piece a music that has more than a background role, but that can be to enjoyed also. The catchy main melodies are handled by saxophones supported by piano, double bass, electric organ, bright brasses, a kick and a discrete electric guitar...  Ideal for bar, lounge and hotel atmospheres, corporate videos, and infomercials.

Music Styles: Chillout, Background Music, Jazzy, relaxing music, warm, lounge music  

Visit the Licensing Page if you wish to use this track on one of your videos. (check the "More tracks from artist" section of this page to listen various versions of the track: 15s, 30s, 60s, stingers, narrative, Drum&Bass etc...) 

The track is not for purchase with a listener's licence (like when you buy a CD or a digital download on itunes), except for Steemians! Send @muphy 4 steems and indicate in the memo the track title and an email address where to send the music.

Brand new Website: https://synaptic-machines.com   

Credit note:
The frieze and the background picture of the album artwork are based on elements downloaded from pixabay.com

I’m @muphy (see
intro post),
My life revolves around music production, teaching sciences, and discovery through travel.
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Hi @muphy, welcome back on Steem! :-)
Nice chill out music you've got there. Best of luck with your new album.

I've sent you a message on your website, let me know if you have received it.



Hello @Irelandscape.
Thank you for your kind words.
I am still setting up the background of the website, and yes, I did receive your message, cheers for testing :-)
Be well

it's always great to hear your valuable and high quality works Muphy! awesome piece! welcome back mate! :D

You might also like to join https://choon.co/
this new blockchain platform pays new coins called Notes for each time that someone listens to your tracks.

good luck brother!


Hey Davood!
Cheers for the encouraging words.
I'll check it out!
I hear you are still very busy in music! That's great! Stay inspired and well!

So nice to see you after such a long time and it was amazing thanks for sharing had a great time checking this out : )


Hey Blazing, nice to see you too. It's just a drop in. After working on the site and releasing this album, the next months are really dedicated for music production: It's been a while I haven't enriched my commercial catalog (the one that actually brings me cash). So here we go, am working on 8 more tracks, nearly ready for B2B release, and need to make at least 10 more before the end of the year! Keep well.