Interview on ABC Radio

3년 전

Heya lovelies!
I'll be interviewed by the fabulous Kia Handley on ABC Radio (mid-north coast) tomorrow (Friday 9th November 2019) at 10:30am AEDT.
12:30am (00:30) UTC
03:30pm (15:30) Previous Day PST
6:30 PM (18:30) Previous Day EST


Anyone can listen to the broadcast via live streaming from anywhere in the world.

Here is the streaming link:

Here are the radio band frequencies to tune in on transistor for those that live in the region:
Grafton NSW - 738 AM
Grafton/Kempsey NSW - 92.3 FM
Kempsey NSW - 684 AM
Manning River NSW - 95.5 FM
Newcastle NSW - 1233 AM
Taree NSW - 756 AM

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Hello there again my friend. It has been a long time. I have been missing out it would seem. How are you and how are things with the family?


Heya @foxyspirit!
Lovely to hear from you. I have rarely been on Steemit/discord for months. Life has taken over. I got out of the flow of Steemit (for many reasons) and find it very difficult to get back into the flow. I spent way too much time on steem before because, let’s face it, Steemit requires so much friggin time. I just can’t really afford to spend so much time with it. I don’t know how anyone can spend so much time on it, to be honest. Unless they are either rich, have someone else paying their bills or have no other passions they want to succeed at in life.
If it rewarded skill and talent more than networking, I’d be more inclined to spend more time with it.

Anyway, blah blah.
How are you?


blah blah

Hehe. It does take up time and eats away at it. Some people find a way of making it work but honestly I don't think those people sleep. Something has to give when spending so much of that time on here. Thinking perhaps they don't have kids or their kids are older. Who knows.
Things are good for me. I am looking for a violin teacher but in my area, that seems to be quite rare. Wondering if online classes actually works for people or not. Maybe I can find someone on here that could teach me... It has been a lifelong dream to learn and now I finally have the chance! I must be doing something right :p


Yes. Learn online. That’s a great move if you have no access locally. That’s exciting! Go for it!

Interviewed about what?


@bashadow You know, music, movies, philosophy.

Blissful blessings and smiles

in joy




I'm about as far away from Australia as you can get up here in Alaska. I pretty much gave up on radio about the same time I did on TV, about 2010. So I had no clue who or what kind of interviewer they are.


In this case, it’s probably more about the interviewee than the interviewer.

I hear you, regarding TV. I gave up on it in 1992.

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