Bitcoin Is Punk Rock

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It's almost no surprise cryptocurrency appeals to me, I am a punk rocker at heart. Bitcoin today is Punk Rock in the early 90's.. before it was 'cool'.

Lots of people think Punk Rock is just noise. That's fine by me, but you're only missing out on the most FUN music in the history of music!

Punk Rock is sovereign music, it's about freedom of self expression. Freeing your mind from the system that enslaves you.

Either that, or I just enjoy playing drums really fast! As a content creator I am often more interested in the discovery and creation process than making everything sound perfect. In fact, the imperfections are appealing to me. I've often made 'mistakes' that end up being better than what I originally planned or intended.

I don't use auto-tune on any of my music, nor do I spend time over editing and processing. What you hear is what you get. If you see me perform live, it's going to sound the same. I do everything myself from the writing to recording process, I am very stubborn and somewhat of a control freak. :) Thanks for listening. Enjoy the words. Oh yeah and... TURN IT UP! XD

"Stitches" is about being ruthless (which does not mean to not care, it simply means a lack of self pity)

These are the lines, I'll cross the strings
From my heart anything and everything that beats in time
To ease this pain of mine, against the scales of time
In fact I'll be just fine
A partial memory of the truest intention
Replacing everything that doesn't bend to my will
He sets his course and then forgets
I sew my words like Stitches mend you
The seasons change you pasteurize from your eyes
Anything you see just kill it now
Through empathy and greed you get just what you need
With nobody asking how
A partial memory of the truest intention
Replacing hope with another possibility
Reflecting everything in it's truest intention
I hope my words see right through you
Don't set it straight, just let it go!!

"One of These Days" is about hope! And working towards a better day! I'll see you, one of these days...

One of these days I'll do the boogie
Remember how reverence is found
And they all say the world is burning
I see a smile in your frown
One of these days I'll turn it around
I'll see you one of these days
You'll find me dreaming at the park on the lawn
Guitar in hand singing to strangers at dawn
I didn't know life would be so vacant and alone
I just need someone like you to call my own
One of these days I'll turn it around
So many ways our love will be found
Don't hesitate before it's too late
And I'll see you one of these days
In case anything doesn't go according to plan
Don't waste your energy you'll need it right where you stand
One of these days I'll do the right thing
And wash this blood off my hands
So what if they say "you're a poet"
You can't help but shake where you stand
So many ways our love will be found
I'll see you one of these days

No Use for A Name "Justified Black Eye Cover" - A tribute to the late grate Tony Sly, one of the most amazing musicians of all time.

She was confused and abused in this life
Emotional and violent moments seemed to take the longest time
Every single knockout drag out fight they ever had
Apologies and dignity denied
He starts to laugh
He starts to lie with suddenly psychotic eyes
Every night she cried herself to sleep
She didn't recognize her own face in the mirror
Black and blue
So afraid intimidation
Like a child she hides away
He would always try to justify what wasn't true
Justified black eye
Taken for granted she sleeps by the phone
Waiting for a call from him
But it seems he's never coming home
14 beers later he is there without an answer
Once again she questions his lies
He goes to bed with no reply
Tomorrow morning different story and he'll be a different guy
He'll justify her black eye with another lie
She packs her bags in great temptation
He's on his knees again he cries a hug and a kiss and I don't know why
As a tear drops from her swollen eye
Apologies until tonight and another justified black eye

"Hey Now" is just about having fun !

Broken hearted I'll say it again
Wandering around in a trance musics' my only friend
Compassionate enough to barely get by
They don't know me but if they did they'd say "he's my kind of guy"
And I find myself lying here somehow it's 2am
This strong face that I'm wearing isn't convincing them
Right back where I started it should come as no surprise
Even though you know I knew you couldn't look me in the eye
And we illustrate this motion of perpetual madness
Substantiate regular patterns of happiness
Or you're just part of the machine
Hey now Hey now you wanted to know what it means to be someone
It's true
Hey now Hey now they won't let you define yourself 'till you break right through
Stacked up in layers branches like a tree
Moving through tunnels from you to me
Testing penetration of your firewall
I've broken through your protocol exposed you once and for all
And when you find yourself lying there and it's approaching 3am
This dumb choice that you gave in isn't impressing them

Over analyzing everything
Keeping in touch with old friends
Sticking to the plan
Hoping for a better day
Remember it's all matter of perception!!

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