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I was watching this just now because I found it unlisted and mistitled in my youtube videos. So I titled it properly and decided I'd make it public. I recorded it for open mic last year. Almost exactly a year ago, it was a year ago a week or so ago. I cut out the part where I introduce myself for open mic. The reason is because I don't want to share my STEEM activities on my YouTube. I have said it for what seems like dozens of times now, my place here is for being personal. My YouTube is for being public.

Well, anyway. Somehow, this won first place for Open Mic week 103. I still don't understand how that has ever happened when I rewatch these videos. It's hard to watch myself sometimes. I always find myself wishing I was more confident, maybe I should look at the camera more, maybe I should not look at the camera at all because I look creepy and weird.

Who knows? All I know is that I do like this song, and I like the studio recording I did of it, but there is just something more personal about sharing a live video. Here are the lyrics. And a picture so the thumbnail isn't of a text divider on steemit.

©2019 s.matthews/@paintingangels



I'm having bad thought after bad thought after bad thought today.
Everything is falling down on top of me.

I wanna lie here on this cold, hard ground and cry for awhile.
I really don't care who sees me at this point in time

It's been a bad, bad day
How I wish that I could
just cry myself away
It's been a bad, bad day

How I wish that I could
sprout wings and fly away
away, away

The rain starts to fall
and it stays for awhile
but then the clouds roll away

The sun creeps around
and it paints an awful
glow on this place

It's not what I want
No, not right now
I just wanna be gray

I wanna lie here on the grass
And feel the rain on my face

It's been a bad, bad day
How I wish that I could
just cry myself away

It's been a bad, bad day
God, how I wish that I could
sprout wings and fly away

away away...

©2018 paintingangels


Not many footer notes today because I am tired. But I love you all and thank you for watching and reading and listening. If you are a musician and you miss the #openmic contest, then check out @sonicgroovelive, because that's where the new and improved contest is. Much love to all. I already said I love you once, but I have been known to say it twice, seeing as how I just did. I love you. Holy crap, that's 3. I'm a flippin maniac. But aren't you, also? Let's be mad together.

Bye now. ♥ -serena

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Listening to this while curating, so pretty <3


isn't she dreamy?

Your voice sometimes bring me to the verge of tears...
and it's a good thing

I like when suddenly the lyrics get crowdy and you rush the sentence there :) feels like conversation


Appropriate since my conversations with you are always quite meaningful. ♥♥♥

calm, peaceful and heart touching song, great job! and I totally understand the feeling of when we record a video :D , you did it awesome!