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Yo what's up Steemit I've finished collecting all my beats I want to use for my next up and coming album "Mystro Music" which was supposed to drop on the 1st of January in all distributors like Spotify, iTunes, Pandora, & many more!

This time there will be no problem I decided to bring the name back to life and start over with a fresh batch of beats I've made over the years! This time I want to use decentralized platforms to promote my music as well I'm already on "Choon" I'll have my album link down below with my Soundcloud! I hope you all enjoy this album is going to be my redemption to the last one!!

Add me on "Choon" I offer 10% Choon Notes for playlists! I would love to get the support from many artists alike you'll see some singles!!

This is my album cover for "Mystro Music : Instrumentals Version"

Mystro Music Instrumentals version image.png

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