Midweek Mixtape 10/3/2018

2년 전

Keepin this simple for the first week to get things started, with nothing more than some album art, the tracklist and a link to the soundcloud. This week were going to be bouncing around from subgenre to subgenre mostly within the breaks parent genre. Much of the music being heavily influenced by popular memes and just overall internet edgelord culture in general. Enjoy.

Listen to it @ https://soundcloud.com/user-91719900/sets/midweek-mixtape

  1. Bandingo — Baby Powder (Prod. By Trill Vice)

  2. Yung Gravy — 1 Thot 2 Thot Red Thot Blue Thot (prod. Dollie)

  3. MoxiFloxi ㅇㅅㅇ — Bowsette

  4. Yunis — Malfunction ft. P A T H

  5. Billy Marchiafava — Rings (Prod. Robb2B x RayAyy)

  6. Lux & Wavyy — SILENCE OF THE LAMBS

  7. Silky Soap — from Blue and Beyond

  8. Ghosts on TV — Silo

  9. jackdylan x dakun - w a s t e

  10. Chris Wright — Genesis w/ Atwood & biskwiq

  11. KG Smokey — Squidwards Nose Ft Joey Trap & KG Prince (Prod.MaxoKoolin)

  12. anti_negative — Whats Goin On!

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